Saturday, July 16, 2011

What My Child is Reading

One of J's favorite activities is reading books and I absolutely love cuddling him on my lap and reading. I like to link up to What My Child Is Reading blog link-up. Not only is it a great way to record the wonderful books we've read, but I've found so many new good book ideas by visiting each week. Click on the button below to see what others have been reading!

Can You Move Like an Elephant? by Judy Hindley
I didn't know just how interactive this book would be. My son had me re-read it over and over so he could crawl around like a tiger, slither like a snake, swing his trunk like an elephant and other fun animal antics. I loved reading and then watching my son act it out!

Clinks the Robot by Christianne C. Jones
This is just a simple story about a boy and his toy robot but it was a hit here. The books takes you through a day following the boy and his robot and then at night the robot has fun. J is just starting to get interested in robots and he had fun with this one.

Ducks go Vroom by Jane Kohuth
I was drawn to the title since J uses "vroom" as a verb too when he talks and plays with his cars and trucks. It was a little too simple for him, but he liked the cute pictures of the ducks in the car and visiting Auntie Goose. I liked how it rhymed too.

Franklin and the Tin Flute by Sharon Jennings
We just recently found Franklin books and I like them as much as our love for Berenstain Bears books. The stories tell wonderful lessons, like this one where Franklin finds a tin flute in his home and ends up trading it for a fancy green marble. He later finds out this flute was a special toy his Grandpa gave his father so he goes on the hunt to get it back. He goes to one animal friend after another finding out the flute was traded again and again. He almost loses hope but with his father's help, they are able to get this wonderful heirloom back. I also like the variety of animal friends Franklin has too.

Grandma's Garden by Mercer Mayer
I loved Mercer Meyer books when I was little and now I get to share that with my son. This was a new one for us and we enjoyed it since it's about gardening. J likes to come out and water with me and watch things grow so it was fun reading a story about planting, watering and watching the seeds turn into vegetables. Then the best part, eating them. It's a cute story of working in the garden with their Grandma.

I Dream of an Elephant by Ami Rubinger
This is a great book for naming colors as each page shows you an elephant in a new, fancy color. The words are in a wonderful rhyming rhythm and they lead the children to guess the color by leaving the color word out. The pictures are so colorful and it led to some great conversations about the colors around us. Not to mention the elephants are cute as they match their surroundings.

Little Cricket's Song by Joanne Barkan
This is actually a Reader's Digest book I found when searching their book list. We love how it has plastic crickets on the front that you can click, just like in the story. The pictures are very colorful and it's a great story about how the crickets click and make their own little song.

Pest Fest by Julia Durango
My son has really loved this book! I am teaching him that all God's creatures have value, even bugs and we are finding some good books to have fun with this theme. In this book, the bugs are having a talent show and it's the pesky house fly that ends up winning! My son was inspired to have his own talent show using musical instruments after several readings of the book. He also wanted to sleep with the book in his bed!

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April said...

My daughter absolutely LOVES LOVES LOVES Franklin books! I love the book that encourages animal movements, I am going to see if my library has that!

Mom and Kiddo said...

Wow, I can't believe I haven't heard of any of these books. Great suggestions.

MaryAnne said...

I bet my son would love Clinks the Robot! I'll have to request it from the library. Thanks for the recommendation!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Awesome ideas on this list. We also love Franklin books, but a lot of other titles are new to me. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

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