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Menu Plan Monday - 3/19/12

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We continue to have just incredible weather here!! I personally cannot remember a March I've spent in Wisconsin where the temperatures stayed in the 70's and 80's for a few weeks. It is absolutely lovely. The cool evenings that come after the warm weather are just perfect for keeping the windows open at night. Since we've been out enjoying the weather a lot, I just got online here today to post my menu for the week.

Here is what's cooking at our house:


Homemade Spaghetti 
My husband loved the sauce this week. I just used our Roundy's brand Chunky Garden sauce with the addition of diced tomatoes and ground beef. I will post soon about these diced tomatoes, as they came from a restaurant sized jar. They were bigger chunks than the petite diced ones I'd been using and we loved the change!
I finally found ground lamb! Although at $9.99 a pound, this is a once a year meal for us. I intended to make this for St. Patrick's Day, but we are a week late since it took a while to find the lamb. 

Homemade Fish Sticks with Steamed Broccoli 
I've really been enjoying this new blog called The Prairie Homestead. She has fabulous ideas for getting back to the simple ways of life, integrating small changes at a time. I can't wait to try these fish sticks. I've been wanting to add more fish into our diet so I was glad to find the recipe.

This was a recipe I found on Google the other day. I was searching for recipes with root vegetables and ended up finding this one. I love rich and hearty stews and have been trying to make more meals with sweet potatoes since they not only taste so good, but are good for you. This will be fun to try! I like the name too :o)


Always my night off!

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Lovin' Life said...

Yummy! I have never heard of ground up lamb before. I enjoy adding things to the store spagetti sauce too.

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

I've always wanted to do a menu planning monday, but I never get around to it! I'm such a wing it kinda gal when it comes to meal planning. Hope you check out some of the books I mentioned! Sarah's Key is another great one and One More Day by Mitch Albom. Thanks for visiting!

A Nest in the Rocks said...

Hey, Tracey,

We began the formation of our second exercise accountability group, and I've added you to that. Basically, just do your chosen type of workout - walking, running, the Y, riding a horse, whatever - and then email your buddy to let her know you've met your goal of moving for that day. She'll do the same to you, and hopefully this friendly accountability will help you stay on track. :-)

Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you - it's been a crazy stormy weekend here in NC and I couldn't get online much. Looking forward to this pretty week ahead!

Best of luck with your fitness goals, and thanks for stopping by A Nest in the Rocks! I hope we can work our way to fitness together!

Amy @ A Nest in the Rocks

PS - Email me and I'll give you your buddy's contact info. :-)

Melissa said...

Sounds like another yummy week in your home! The weather is great here too, although a little hot in the afternoons. Love hot temps but not this early. July is going to be sweltering!!!

Melissa said...

Just realized I posted a comment on the week previous. I'm so confused this morning!!! I have been trying to click on your 3/26 post and thought I did. Not enough coffee this morning.

Tracey M. said...

@Melissa - I actually posted the 3/26 menu plan but then put it back in draft form for some editing ... I think that's why you got to the "old" one!!

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