Saturday, March 2, 2013

Memories of My Mom

I don't think I've written here much about my mom ... and how I lost her to breast cancer just before my senior year in college. Although that was one of the hardest things I've had to endure, it is actually what brought me to knowing the Lord. As my mom grew weaker from cancer, her faith in Jesus grew only stronger. I was blown away by her faith, but after she died the seed was planted in my heart that I wanted that kind of faith.

Last month on February 17th, it would have been my mom's 70th birthday. It is hard to believe sometimes that she has been gone for over 20 years ... in fact, 22 years this June 28th. As her birthday passed, one of my sisters shared an email with many questions like "If she were still alive what would mom be doing now?", "What would she look like?" and sharing how proud she would be of her four daughters and in love with all her grandchildren. It leaves me wondering and feeling such a void.

Over the past few weeks, she's entered my mind a lot. Then suddenly all these pictures of her just started floating in my head so I had to write them down. All the many ways I remember her ...

  • Playing the piano in our living room filling the house with music
  • Singing while she played the piano, often in preparation for leading worship for her role as director of music at our church
  • Plucking keys on the piano as she wrote her own music note by note
  • Making coffee in her glass coffee pot on the stove and watching the clear water turning brown, then her adding cool whip to it once it was done 
  • Hustling and bustling about the kitchen cooking with one of her lovely aprons on
  • Brushing my hair when I was little and making pigtails or braids for me, something she loved to do
  • Putting her four daughters in matching dresses for holidays when we were little
  • Watching her playing the organ at church while her whole body swayed with the music
  • Loving having her hair brushed for minutes on end
  • Watching birds come to the feeder out the big picture window while she quizzed me on bird names
  • Watching her put on her makeup in the morning
  • Getting one of her warm, squeezy hugs
  • Calling me a green thumb and encouraging me in growing plants (something I still enjoy to this day)
  • Encouraging me to own a parakeet which I trained to talk, furthering my love of nature and animals
  • Speaking words of life to me when I was at a low point with pressures to fit in at school
  • Always holding my hand when we went somewhere together (and not enjoying it once I was a teenager)
  • Reading to my four sisters and I every night while we were growing up (and a favorite was going through the whole Box Car children series)
And a favorite memory ...I remember a time my mom walked me to the school bus across the field behind our house. This must have been for kindergarten since my little sister tagged along and she was not yet in school. It was snowing so badly that the bus never actually came so we all built a giant snowman together before finally going home and enjoying a snow day.

I'll write more posts of my mom, but it's been so nice spending time thinking of her and these sweet memories I will always cherish.

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Buttons said...

Oh this is beautiful. Your Mom was beautiful. Cancer is so hard. Take care hug B

Brigitte said...

Your mother sounds wonderful. What beautiful memories.

Krista Wright said...

I remember the loving way she ran the children's choir and those daisy duck shoes she used to wear. I thank her for instiling a love a Christian music at me at such a young age. I'm so sorry she was taken to heaven so early. She would be so proud of who you are today.

Joy said...

My dad passed away in June of 2007. We were very close and it hit me very hard. I had just had our 4th baby when we found out his cancer was back. He died when she was 16 months old. Not only did I go into a depression, but so did my oldest daughter, who was 8 at the time. It took me almost two years to come out of it. I think of him often and every time I do, I cry. He was a special man. Loved the memories you shared of your mom! I ought to do something like this in remember of my dad in June. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words.

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