Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tot School (The Christmas Wrap Up)

Tot School
**J is 31 months old**

I love doing Tot School with J! We are very laid back and so far I don't really plan anything. I keep a lot of things visible to J and let him lead when it's time to do some focused learning-play. Thanks for stopping by!

Home Made Tambourine

I got this wonderful idea over at Shining Your Lights. J had recently found a real tambourine to play with at our mom's group last week. He didn't want to put it down. So when I saw this on Stephanie's blog Shining Our Lights, I realized I had everything to make it! This came in handy when we went Christmas caroling just before Christmas too.

Christmas Caroling
and using our new tambourine

Daddy got a group of us together to go Christmas caroling. J did pretty well, but he got a little confused going into a place, getting settled, and then leaving soon after. We went in and out of 4 different places like that and he finally understood we were just going there to sing. I love doing this and it's the first time we went since J was born.

Gingerbread Printables

Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations had a lot of neat gingerbread printables. We printed out a baby gingerbread puzzle, but he didn't quite get this one. He started out matching the face and then found the feet so I put it together for him once, then mixed it up and told him it was his turn. He put the face together and then named each part (but they didn't all fit together) and he said There! even though he wasn't really done. But it was still fun since he loves anything gingerbread-related.

From the Making Learning Fun site we found a Gingerbread Matching printable. J was so excited he couldn't wait for me to get them all cut out. He kept asking to play with them. I laid them all out on a piece of construction paper and he got to work matching. He matched a few of them and then said "I'm going to mix them all up". I thought he was getting frustrated and might quit but he surprised me and went at it again this time working until he had the match made for each one!

J also enjoyed coloring this gingerbread house also from Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations. I printed out a couple of them since he liked it so much.

Another printable we found from Making Learning Fun was this cute gingerbread man. I also printed out a few of these which J had fun coloring.

Christmas Gift Opening
(Extended Family and then from Mom and Dad)

New Shopping Cart and play food! Loves it.

Little People Barn with Sounds - this was a hit too. He loves singing the Old McDonald song it plays.

Cute doctor's kit. He loves this stethoscope. It makes a coughing sound when you press on it. It has all kinds of neat little things like a toy thermometer, reflex hammer, medication syringe and medicine.

Little People School Bus - He loves all the new characters especially the bus driver. Has fun driving this around all over the living room.

Melissa and Doug Animals at the Zoo puzzle. Have yet to open this one up for play!

J's Favorite - Handy Manny musical tool box and construction hat

Surrounded by Books

I love this picture of J surrounded by books. He has loved doing this ever since I got a new little cubby for his books. They used to be in a closed cupboard, but now that they're out in the open he loves just taking out one after another to "read".

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Jolanthe said...

What a fun week. :) We really need to go Christmas caroling next year!

tea said...

This all looks like so much fun! It sounds like you had a great Christmastime. I hope you have a really wonderful new year, Tracey. It has been so good getting to know you this past year! Thank you for your friendship. ♥

Tracey M. said...

I've been so blessed by our friendship and getting to know you as well. Thank you for your sweet comment.

Patricia said...

I'm amazed how your little one colors!!! I love the tamborine. Happy new year!

Patricia said...

You've got an award over my blog. I love your blog.

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