Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome to My Home

Welcome to My Home!

I was so excited to finally get my garden planted yesterday and I decided to take some pictures. I ended up going around the entire house (condo) taking pictures of everything growing and doing a little picture tour of the yard. I really am enjoying our yard as things have greened up and blooms are opening. I thought it would be nice to share a tour of our sweet, little yard.

Some background thoughts first ... as I was digging in the yard, praying for the Lord to bless our little harvest and just enjoying the smell and feel of the earth, my mind wandered back to a former time, a much darker time. I was remembering 3 summers ago being in the midst of the darkest time in my life suffering from post partum depression with psychosis and severe anxiety. As I sat in the garden just thinking upon that time, it was hard to believe that was real. Back then, I had absolutely no desire to do anything in the yard. No desire to be outside. No desire to do anything but sit in a big armchair in the living room and stare out at nothing. Whenever these memories flood back, I just thank the Lord for his faithfulness. No words can express the gratitude that wells up in my heart that he healed me.

I remember the words of Psalm 30 verse 2:

LORD my God, I called to you for help,
and you healed me.


And now ... Enjoy the tour ...

View of our front porch with New Guinea Impatiens and Clematis Vine

My Humble Garden
(6 tomato plants, 2 zucchini, 2 yellow squash, 2 sweet banana peppers)

The Flower Garden
(Iris, Daisies, Lillies, Russian Sage, Periwinkle, Clematis, Purple Columbine;
only purple iris in bloom)

Wider View Showing the Sandbox and Bird Feeders and the privacy fence in the back yard

Peach Iris in Bloom Outside Privacy Fence

Close Up of the Lovely Peach Iris

A little visitor (Chickadee) in the Bird Bath

This is actually my neighbor's front door with a beautiful Lilac Bush
(the scent is amazing)

This is at the end of our front walkway; a barrel with Blue Flax Flowers

Close up of the Blue Flax
Purple Iris Patch
Lillies soon to bloom
Close up of the Purple Iris
Mint in containers; for Mint Tea and Mint Mojitos

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Anonymous said...

I love what you shared about how the Lord healed you! He is so faithful!

Your garden is lovely! I really like the whole garden area with that tree next to it and the plants growing under the tree, that is so pretty. And all of your flowers are lovely too. The blue flax looks so dainty. Thanks for sharing the tour! ♥

Tracey M. said...

You are truly a blessing to me. I was just thinking about you tonight! I was wondering about your gardening and thinking how I want to go visit you on your blog! So neat you were thinking of me too ;)

Lovin' Life said...

Such beautiful flowers! I like how you labeled what each flower is called. Over here when I buy flowers, I can't read half the names. :) I love the smell of mint plants too. I was just looking at another blog...can't remember where and the lady was making some mint tea in a jar. I have never had it, but I would like to try to make some. Anyways you have a beautiful yard!

Tracey M. said...

(Lovin' Life) - Thanks for your lovely words! I will have to make some mint tea. That sounds like a great summer treat.

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