Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kicking off the Christmas Season

2011 Picture of J and our Tree
2011 Christmas at my Sister's House

Now that Halloween is over, I'm thinking Christmas. I love the Christmas season. And I'm realizing how much I like to start early. I will admit, I start listening to Christmas music in October. That way, I get to listen to my holiday favorites for two months!

Here are some of my favorite things of the season:
*Listening to Christmas music
*Baking warm, yummy treats (breads, cookies, muffins)
*Decorating our home
*Lighting fragrant candles (couple favorites: Spruce, Vanilla Brown Sugar)
*Creating an Advent celebration
*Celebrating Jesus' Birthday, keeping Christ in Christmas
*Hot chocolate
*SNOW!!!  I really can't wait for this part. I love all things snow like ice skating, making snow men, snow shoeing and skiing, and above all just WATCHING it snow!!

You'll notice I found some cool graphics to add a Christmas touch to my blog. Thank you to Blogamation and their free animated designs! I had fun adding these to the blog to kick off the Christmas season. They give you easy step-by-step instructions for how to add the code to your blog.

Another thing that's been fun for me is putting together a Christmas Planner binder. One area I really enjoy is  organizing. I stumbled upon some great Christmas planning sites this year and made my first Christmas planner.

Christmas Planner

It took me a while to scour the internet and find exactly what I wanted/needed. The amazing thing is so many printables are free! I have included links to all the websites where I found the ones I'll be using. It is so great to get a jump on this season in a way I just never did before.

Things I'm including:
-Christmas Planning Coversheet from My Papercrafting Obsession
-125 + Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Organizing Home Life
-Holiday Gift List from Ann's Amazing Holiday Planner
-Holiday Card List from Ann's Amazing Holiday Planner
-Christmas Newsletter Planner from Organizing Home Life
-Christmas Wish List from Organizing Home Life
-Thank You Note Organizer from Clean Mama's Etsy Shop

Now I can't wait until we get our first snow!!

Thank you for visiting!


Brigitte said...

I love this! So many great ideas. Thanks for this post. (It took me a minute to realize it was snow coming down and not floaters in my eyes :)I love this season too!

Lovin' Life said...

I love Christmas, and I have been listening to Christmas music for a while. When I first saw the picture up top, I thought you already had your tree up!! :) Thanks for sharing all the links for the Christmas organizing. Love the snowflakes!

Tracey M. said...

You both are so welcome!! It was fun to put this post together. I've also been testing out a bunch of different snowflake animations and so far none have the "full effect" I want. At least a few are falling ;)

SweetLand Farm said...

Wow, that is a whole lot of Christmas planning!
I too love the Christmas season, after I enjoy Thanksgiving.
And you can keep the snow!! ;-)

Momma Ley said...

Hehe, you're so cute. Listening to Christmas music in October. :) I love that. This season makes me feel all snuggley.

Tea said...

I love Christmas too!! I love how we have Thanksgiving right before it too. It's so nice to have that time to focus on thankfulness and then move into that special time where we can focus on Jesus.

Nicole Buckingham said...

I am just in awe of the first few photos and could curl up and watch the Christmas tree lights twinkle on for hours in that space.


I just wanted to you to know how incredibly sweet it was to have you at An Aloha Affair last week. I hope you'll join me and our team of beautiful bloggers this week for an even bigger affair. I'll save a spot just for you...


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