Sunday, July 15, 2012

Enjoying Summer!

Enjoying some free ice cream at our county's "Breakfast on the Farm"

Wow, when I said I thought things would slow down a bit on the blog this summer, I had no idea they would slow down this much!! Here I am again and in 2 days it's one month since my last post.

It's time for a photo montage!! That will be my project this week (hopefully).

Our first time participating in a CSA at Tipi Produce

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. Ours is going very nicely, but Southern Wisconsin is experiencing a severe drought! We are also having one of the hottest summers on record with several days strung together reaching over 100. Now that is HOT. I was thankful our pastor asked our congregation to join him in praying for the local farmers who are being hit extremely hard. I pray for them every time I drive by the drying corn and soybean fields. Surprisingly, my garden is still doing well since I've maintained a fairly decent watering schedule. We are looking forward to some garden-fresh, juicy tomatoes! This is also our first year joining a CSA (community supported agriculture). We get a box of fresh vegetables every other week and I've been cooking with lots of fun things like bok coy, kohlrabi, beets and turnips. Things I've never made before. Our insurance provider reimburses us $200 so it is very affordable. We will probably do this every year now.

Our 20-gallon bucket "tank" with our 5 new tadpoles 
(you can just barely see two of them swimming at opposite sides here)

We also have a fun project - we're keeping TADPOLES! Ever since we watched a caterpillar transform into a butterfly, I've been wanting to find tadpoles for my science-loving son to see transform into frogs (in this case toads). He gets a big kick out of saying "metamorphosis". My sister had some toads lay hundreds of eggs in their backyard pond so we brought home five of the tadpoles. We're keeping them in a 20 gallon square bucket and we had one of them just develop legs.

What are some of the fun things you've been enjoying this summer?

Thanks for visiting!!