Sunday, January 1, 2012

Praying for Your Husband

I wasn't planning on writing a post tonight ... in fact, I thought I'd be in bed by now. You see, my husband (L) and I had a fight tonight and to steer clear, my plan was to go right to bed while he stewed in his anger downstairs. He ended up going to bed first, so I decided to stay away until things settle a bit. I thought maybe I'd watch a movie or read, but then I came across this bookmark about how to pray for your husband and was stopped in my tracks.

So ... my husband is very protective of a new guitar he recently got, and it's understandable based on the demise of his last one. His old guitar was crushed under the wheels of our car this past summer. He "knew" that guitar almost two decades longer than he knew me! It was something he bought while he was in college (his first major purchase) and he cherished it. Long story short, while we were on a trip, I was packing the car and I forgot about the guitar. I left it leaning against the trunk and when we backed up and heard a sickening crunch, I was shocked to realize what had happened. The guitar was completely ruined. It took L a good part of the day before he could talk about it and I know it's not a pleasaant memory for him. Well, tonight he came storming into my son's room while I was putting him to bed and was outright furious saying I had allowed my son to play with the guitar and it was all messed up. The truth was that I did see my son go over and strum on it so I immediately corrected him. He knows he's not allowed to play with it. I never did see him twisting any of the tuning knobs, but that's what L said he must have done.

It's not often that my husband gets over the top mad. When he does, I know the best remedy is to give him space and time, for in time the Lord always brings conviction and he's able to forgive and let things go. I just wasn't prepared that this would set him off in the way that it did. I found that I personally was beside myself with anger and hurt, feeling indignant and I couldn't shake the upset so I went to be by myself. Then when I found this bookmark, my heart completely softened. I am so thankful that the Lord touched my heart and has used the situation to bring something positive. The last thing I expected I'd be doing tonight was sitting here praying for him. It usually is so easy to just stew in my anger and I often don't recover so quickly. Yet tonight the Lord really impressed upon me the need to be a peacemaker and to uphold my husband in this way. I love these 10 things to pray for your husband and will seek to pray this regularly for him. It's amazing how the Lord is at work in all the things in our lives. For those reading this who are married, I pray this would encourage you to uphold your husband in prayer in this way.

Now I think it's time for me to go to bed!