Friday, January 29, 2010

A few highlights...

Just a few highlights to share from the last couple days....
Yesterday was I think one of the busiest days I've had on record as a mom, in fact this entire week was. I had Titus playgroup in the morning, my women's bible study in the afternoon, making a dessert for the evening event which was mom's nite out soup swap at Blackhawk (our church). I was able to swing everything and still had energy at the end of the day which was a blessing.

I had a really good time of prayer during my quiet time yesterday while Julian was taking his morning nap. I've felt the Lord bringing my prayer life into the open and find that it was pretty sparse of late. It felt so good to have a solid time of prayer and the Lord brought so many people and things to mind to pray about.

The mom's nite out soup swap was a really neat idea. Everyone was to bring up to 6 quarts of soup that were all placed on a table and when they called your name you got to pick a soup so I ended up taking home 4 different soups (turkey chili, chicken corn chowder, white chicken chili and chicken with wild rice & almonds). They will be good eating for these cold days we've been having! I made an African peanut soup which I'd never had and never made before it just sounded neat and exotic. It ended up tasting good so I'll have to make some of that in the future.

Today was a nice and relaxed day with nothing planned in the day but plans for bowling in the evening. Julian and I went to the library in the afternoon and he always has fun there. He was really excited when he saw all the fire truck books I had on hold and checked out for us. So excited that he was whining to hold one of them on the way home. He is really into fire trucks so he's going to especially love the DVD I found. He's got a little cold and his nose was running all day. He would come up to me and say "tissue" and I'd wipe his nose for him. He's gone from hating to have his face touched to asking me to wipe his nose for him!!! How sweet.

Our small group from church got together for a nite of bowling. Julian's a bit too young yet for that adventure so Karen our friend/sitter came. This was actually the first time that someone other than Lanty and I have put Julian to bed! And it went really well, she said he was an angel. We have been so blessed to have a child that goes to bed (and naps) so easily and sleeps through the night (since he was 8 mos. old). Thank you Lord! We came home (after bowling horribly - me a 51 and Lanty a 58) to some cute stories about Julian. Karen just gets his diaper on and he jumps up and runs into the closet, playing a little game of come and get me. Then he crawls underneath the crib and says "hi!" to Karen. He went down easy for her and she was so glad.

Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend too, with nothing big planned.


Mel said...

That does sound action packed! Glad you had a good time! I've been longing for my prayer life to come to life, because for so long now it feels like my prayers are hitting the ceiling and bouncing right back to me. I'm not praying any differently than what I use to, but for some reason it just feels different. I've even started doing my daily quiet time again with daily Bible readings and it still feels that I'm lacking something. I long for God to renew the fire in me that use to be. I'm being patient and we do have a new pastor that is so filled with wisdom and insight to the Word it is amazing and that is helping some. But what I long for now is a vibrant prayer life. One that I feel is bringing me closer to God. Maybe the difference is I'm not doing my prayer journal like I use to. In any case, glad to see you had a great week!

Tracey Monroe said...

Thanks for sharing your struggles with prayer. I can definitely relate. My prayer life had felt so "dry", it was like bits & pieces throughout the day and I wasn't going deeper just surface prayer. After I felt the Lord convicting me about this I've had really good prayers times the last couple days. I got down on my knees which I haven't done in some time just to humble myself before him and to be reminded of how sacred a time it is to pray before our King then I didn't just race through the prayer but really took some time to see how he led me and who/what he wanted me to spend time praying for. My prayer is that a breakthrough would happen for you too!

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