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What My Child is Reading

One of J's favorite activities is reading books and I absolutely love cuddling him on my lap and reading. I like to link up to What My Child Is Reading blog link-up. Not only is it a great way to record the wonderful books we've read, but I've found so many new good book ideas by visiting each week. Click on the button below to see what others have been reading!

Corduroy, Lost and Found by Don Freeman
We love the Corduroy books and this was another good story. In the story, it's Lisa's birthday (Lisa is the girl who owns Corduroy the teddy bear). Corduroy wants to get her something special and ends up getting lost. Luckily, he is found by Mr. Gonzales at their newspaper stand who keeps him up on the shelf knowing someone lost him. Lisa is thrilled when she comes by and finds Corduroy and they get a giant lollipop from the owner.

Does a Sea Cow Say Moo? by Terry Webb Harshman
We have been enjoying a DVD called "Wild Animal Baby" where J learned there is a cow that lives in the sea, the manatee. I have been looking for good "sea cow" books and this one was OK. J really loved when I read it, but it was a bit goofy in that an alien comes to earth and this boy Jack has to help him. He wonders "why some names in the sea are the same as on land" like a school on land, and a school of fish or a horse you can ride versus a horse in the sea. I'm also still looking for a good picture book just about manatees.

Gingerbread Fred by Nick and Claire Page
My son still loves anything Gingerbread, so I picked up another gingerbread story. The pictures are great and J liked naming the different shapes on Fred like his triangle nose and circle cheeks. It teaches a good lesson about listening to your parents and being humble, and since it's emphasized that he's a tasty cookie, my son isn't spooked that he gets eaten at the end by the fox.

The Littlest Dinosaur by Michael Foreman
My son really loves dinosaurs and I like finding cute dinosaur stories. This one was a cute one. The main character is the tiniest little Triceratops ever who finds that even though he is small, he can still be significant. He also helps a giant Brachiosaurus learn that he's not just big and clumsy, but he has a purpose too.

Roly Poly Pangolin by Anna Dewdney
I didn't know what a pangolin was, so this was a good learning book for me too. A Pangolin is basically a scaly anteater that can roll into a ball to protect itself. This pangolin is very scared venturing out in his world until he meets another pangolin, and he finds out how much fun things can be when done with a friend.

The Sparrow's Easter Song by Michelle Medlock Adams
I purchased this book based on how good it looked online and I'm so happy that we did. I wanted to find a book on his level to help him understand Jesus' death and the Good News of His resurrection. My son loves this retelling of the Easter story. The story is of Jesus' death on the cross as witnessed by a little sparrow as he spreads the "Good News" of what he saw to all these other animals. The illustrations are wonderful.

Tippy, Tippy, Tippy Hide! by Candace Fleming
This book was a bit goofy, but I really like rhyming books so we've hung onto this one form our library for a few weeks now. The story is about an old man (in my opinion a grumpy one) who hunkers down inside to wait it out until Spring. The little bunnies he fed carrots come begging yet he refuses to share his house with them. He ends up blockading the house so well that when lovely Spring comes, he can't get out! Some lines in the book remind me of Goldilocks, as the bunnies sneak into his house and he'll say "some bunny's been....(in my chair, in my bed, etc)".

The Water Hole by Graeme Base
I loved this one mainly for the pictures. The main story line is that the water hole keeps shrinking, it finally disappears, but then it comes back when the rains come. This book is beautifully illustrated and we love that it's a counting book (1-10).

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Mom and Kiddo said...

I think the water hole sounds like an interesting book.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Oh, we love Graeme Base's illustration too. We read I Am a Manatee book that also comes with a CD - little J might like that one. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

Anne@LittleSproutBooks said...

Thanks for visiting Feed me books friday this week - and for your poetry suggestions! I'll be sure to check them out!

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