Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Favorites

This is a place where I'd like to comment on some of my favorites of the week. They might be my favorite story about J from the week, my favorite blog posts, also things that are J's favorites or anything else that just really stood out from the week.

Favorites of the Week

Favorite activity:
I would have to say my favorite activity was time this week at Pal Zone with my friend Eileen and her son Jackson. J is getting into the singing more and even though I had to referee his play time a lot with tug-o-wars, he is learning a lot. The theme was dinosaurs and he learned a few new dinosaur names during story time and then all he wanted to do was play with the dinosaurs the teacher had brought in. We also did a craft which was such a great idea, digging for dinosaur "bones" which were dog bones put in a tub with sand over them. We glued them to a triceratops.

Favorite Books:
One of his favorites was a book he's had for a while but just recently has taken a lot of interest in. He calls it his bible, but it's actually a book of lullabies. I wish I could sneak in my son's room right now to get the name of it! (Sorry!) Otherwise, I'd for sure link to it. I love reading this to him. They are also songs, but I don't know how the music goes so we just read them. He's been asking for them right before we got to bed. One of them we read, he asked for the next day. He said "read A Mother's Prayer". This one was really sweet.

Little Elephant Runs Away by Wolfram Hanel
Touchdown - You can Play Football by Nick Fauchald
Tugga Tugga Tugboat by Kevin Lewis
Disney books from library for 50cents: Lion King, Lion King II,

Favorite Music
The best of Sesame Street
Stellaluna - Janell Cannon
Learning Basic Skills Through Music - Hap Palmer
Worship Songs - Veggie Tales

Favorite Videos:

Handy Manny - The Pet Roundup
Teletubbies - All Together Teletubbies: Playful pals and delightful days (Not mommy's choice! J found this at the library and has been loving it.)

Favorite Picture:

Favorite Blog Posts:

The Flourishing Mother - Loss/Gain

Homemaker's Heart - Rethinking: Lifestyle

Growing in Godliness - True Brokenness

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tea said...

I really like this idea of sharing your favorites each week. I alwasy like to share blog posts from other blogs, but sometimes it's hard to figure out how to fit it into a post. Thanks for sharing one of mine!! What a surprise! That picture of your little guy is so sweet! And the dinosaur activity sounds really fun!!

Tracey M. said...

You are very welcome, Tea! I meant to leave you a comment that I shared it, oops. Glad you had a nice surprise. Oh and we went back to Pal Zone today and even though the theme was trucks (which he loves too) he kept asking the teacher for the dinosaurs! I think we'll have to do that one at home.

Andrea said...

thank you Tracey! It was so special for you to feature me. It is so nice to "meet" you. I am so happy you enjoyed this post.

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