Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

J is 27 months old

J loves lining up his little people figures in all different places (the couch, the floor, the table) and this time when he lined them up he says, "We are friends." He said this over and over. How sweet!

This was just a little cute one. He brought me a book and says, "Mommy read Hoot" (Hoot is the name of the book.) I said "I'd love to" and he said "Let's do it!" I just loved the let's do it part.

We had just pulled into the garage after doing our grocery shopping and I heard J saying something about paper. I wasn't sure what he was talking about until I turned around and saw the big thing of toilet paper beside him. He was pointing to the word "Cottonelle" and moving his finger along the word saying "toi--let pa--per" just like he was reading the word toilet paper. This shocked me! Not only that this wasn't a book but "reading" words on a product, but that he was practicing the act of reading. He will "pretend" read books telling a little story as he turns the pages, but I've never seen him do this before like he was sounding out a word.

This has got to be my favorite from the week. This happened as daddy was leaving for work one morning.
J: I want a kiss.
Me: From who?
J: I want a kiss from daddy.
Me: Quick, he's gone to the car...do you want to go get him?
J: Yeah, daddy stop! Don't go!
I told daddy to not leave yet and that J wants a kiss. Daddy asks him where he wants it. He pointed to his forehead "right here" and daddy kissed him. J says "thank you". Awwww....

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