Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday ("Time Out")

**J is 27 months old**

Somewhere along this blogging journey, I found this idea for recording the funny and interesting things our little ones are saying. Here is where I like to link up and share them. Feel free to visit Not Before 7 by clicking the button above and join the fun!

I only have a few to share this week. I really can't remember those that I don't write down right away. I know there were some cute ones while we were in the car, but I didn't get to write them down.

One day this week we were coming home from somewhere and J was asking if Dave was coming over. (Dave is my husband's old roommate/friend who sometimes watches J.) I told him Dave wasn't coming over and he got really sad. He said, "I miss my friend Dave mommy. I miss my friend." This was so cute. He's said he's missed his daddy before, but not anyone else.

During breakfast, I was reading a book while I was eating my cereal. Out of the blue J says, "What are you reading mommy?" To me this just seemed like something a 4-year-old would say, not my 2-year-old. I told him it was a book all about how to raise him (Dare to Discipline by Dr. James Dobson).

We were hanging out after our mom's group which meets at church and J wandered over to the closed doors of the church area. He starts standing there with his face to the wall and I asked him, "What are you doing J?" He said, "I'm in time out mommy." I asked him what he was in time out for. He said, "Hurt mommy." It dawned on me that just before this I was changing him and while on the changing table he was kicking me. I had asked him to stop because that hurts when he does that. So he had put himself in a time out! I was floored.

Photo credit: www.twin-spiration.com

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Julia said...

lol That's cute. Jalyn has put herself in time out before. It's hard not to laugh when they do that lol

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