Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Creating a Side Income and "Sneak Peeq"

I love being a stay-at-home mom, and every week it's on my heart to thank the Lord for this blessing. My husband is a union employee and last year when Wisconsin's collective bargaining law was struck down, it put a dent in his take home pay. Since things are a little tighter now, we have been looking at various ways to save money in our budget as well as anything I can do to bring in a little income on the side. I have been praying for different opportunities I could do at home while adding to the family's bottom line.

One of the things I'm trying out is finding Affiliates I can work with through my blog. You may have noticed I put a banner for DaySpring (a Christian retailer) and also one for Amazon. Recently, I was contacted about a website called Sneak Peeq and have the opportunity to put a link to their website and a banner on my blog. I just signed up so now I'm going to try their site out for myself! I am always looking for good deals while shopping through the internet, and their site says they have products up to 70% off from various retailers.

You will be seeing the Sneak Peak banner for a bit on my website so feel free to check them out too! I will keep you posted about any neat deals I am finding there.

Here are a few of the top FAQ from the Sneak Peeq site:

WHAT IS SNEAKPEEQ?  Online shopping, with short sales, great deals, and new stores daily. Everything has a fixed price, that you can lower further by being more active on sneakpeeq and earning badges

WHAT KIND OF PRODUCTS DOES SNEAKPEEQ HAVE? Housewares, Apparel, Accessories, Gourmet food, Beverages, and more. We're always exploring new categories, trying to bring you new daily discoveries.

HOW DOES SNEAKPEEQ WORK?  Every day, we put a new set of amazing products from new brands on the site. We then take what we know about you as a sneakpeeq shopper (aka "peeqer") and present you with 3 products that we think you'll like the most. The more you participate on the site the better we can predict your personal style. You can also browse through the other stores and like, love, share, and peeq to help us learn more about you.

By playing around on the site, and sharing, peeqing, and buying items you can unlock badges. Some badges have the power to lower the prices even further!

WHAT IS A PEEQ? A peeq is the action of flipping over (Clicking) a price tag. As a new user you have a limited number of DAILY peeqs but the more you participate the more you'll earn. Every 24 hours the peeqs are refilled to your account. If you run out of peeqs, don't worry- we will give you opportunities to earn more peeqs.

A peeq is worth 5 points toward that particular store's leaderboard, as well as counting towards various badges and teaching sneakpeeq more about what you love to shop for.

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Green Acres in the City said...

What a lovely blog. I lost my job over 3 years ago and we are always looking how to add extra.

Lovin' Life said...

What a great way to help bring income into your house. :)

Melissa said...

You'll have to keep us posted on how this goes. I've always been a little skeptical on how this works...afraid of the unknown. Extra income while staying at home is such a blessing!

tea said...

Neat! I hope it all works out really well for you!!

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