Monday, April 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - 4/16/12

I just love this picture of J asleep in my arms. He fell asleep this way one night and so L snapped this picture. It is hard to believe this little boy is turning 4 come May, and I am thankful more than words can say.

A couple notes on last week's meals ... The eggplant Parmesan totally bombed! We still ate it, but it was more like eggplant Parmesan SOUP. I think I'll hold off trying again for a while. We did enjoy the Rigatoni/chicken dish. It was pretty good.

Here's what's cooking at our home this week:

Spaghetti with Corn and Garlic Toast
This is a regular meal in our rotation that my husband really loves. I use a store bought sauce that I spruce up with diced tomatoes, fresh green pepper and a splash of olive oil.

Peanut Coconut Curry over Jasmati Rice
I think this was a Pinterest dish, and it has definitely made it into our regular menu rotation. It has sort of a Thai feeling because of the peanut sauce but I love having an opportunity to add coconut with the coconut milk and then cooking the chicken in coconut oil. I love how these flavors blend together. 

Another find from Pinterest ... mainly the picture caught my eye. I like the mixture of ingredients as I've rekindled an interest in bacon, having it in moderation. I decided to add chicken and broccoli too since I think they'll blend nicely.


Pizza dinner at church volunteer event
We have a really neat event at our church this week called "Ignite". It's a time for the people who volunteer at church to gather and worship together and just encourage one another. They are feeding us dinner too.

Mystery Shop at an Italian Restaurant
One of the ways I'm bringing in a little side income is through Mystery Shopping. Since I joined last year, I've gotten a few free car washes, several free dinners and picked up some cash after visiting and reviewing the Humane Society and the food areas of our student union.

Always my night off!

Special Treats:
I will be making Parsnip Cake this week along with some more homemade coconut/chocolate granola bars. I am trying to have some healthier things around for snacking instead of buying cookies or candy. I also found a new "treat" at the store, Yoplait's Greek Vanilla Yogurt. It satisfies my cravings for ice cream because it's so nice and thick.

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dddiva said...

I've never had parsnips, but am dying to know how the cake comes out- sounds intriguing. Love most veggies.

tea said...

Such a sweet picture! :)

Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

i've always wanted to try making homemade granola bars but haven't yet...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey ~ oh, thank you! :o)

Your pic is so cute.... sleepy, snuggly moments are the best! Wow, your menu sounds great. That curry dish sounds like something I should make for lunch for myself, and then eat the leftovers for a day or two.

Have a great weekend.

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