Monday, April 9, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - 4/09/12 and Easter Fun

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

J's Colorful Easter Picture 

Ta-Da! All Done with Our Eggs!

 Our Finished Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

We celebrated Easter at home this year. Plans with my husband's sister fell through, so we enjoyed some down time as a family. J got to discover some new toys, stickers and a little bit of candy in his Easter basket then we had fun coloring some Easter eggs. I found a website on how to do natural egg dyeing and the eggs turned out nicely. I had no idea they would look so unique! We used (clockwise in the egg picture) blueberries, curry powder, grape juice/red wine, coffee grounds, spinach and another from blueberries. We started coloring the eggs before church and decided to let them soak while we were gone, which is why I think the colors turned out to be so deep. We used Surviving Motherhood's  post on Dyeing Eggs Naturally.

Here's what's cooking at our home this week:

Hamburgers and Cottage Fries
I didn't end up making this last week, so I made it Monday night. The Cottage Fries were a last minute idea after seeing the latest video on You Tube. I will definitely be making them again as they were really good.

Cream Cheese Corn Dish with Small Shells
I found this yummy looking dish on Pinterest and modified it by adding macaroni to make it a main dish. For a little spice, I think I'll add Sriracha sauce.

I really like for the way they take many favorite recipes and make a lighter/healthier version. Earlier this year, I used eggplant in my cooking for the first time. Since we enjoyed it, I'm going to make this classic but "lighter" eggplant dish and see if this becomes a regular meal for us.


Rigatoni d' Maggiano with Steamed Broccoli 
This somehow didn't make it to our dinner table last week, so I'm adding it to this week's menu. This recipe is a copycat of the dish made by Maggiano's.

Date Night or Dinner Out

Always my night off!

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Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

wow, i love the way your eggs turned out! we didn't dye eggs this year since my son's only 8 months but i'll have to remember these naturally dyed eggs for next year!

i LOVE skinnytaste!

Melissa said...

We also enjoyed a quiet Easter Sunday afternoon at home...naps, yummy lunch, egg hunt, and a walk on the beach.

This year we painted eggs instead of dying them. I think Jane enjoyed using a paint brush to decorate the eggs. I LOVE the idea of using natural ingredients and love the rich color of your eggs as a result.

Hope you have a great week cooking!!! :)

tea said...

Love the naturally died easter eggs! And I'm really intrigued by the idea of cottage cheese fries. I'm going to have to look that up! You always seem to have good variety in your menu plans. :)

tea said...

Whoops! Hahahah! That's cottage fries, not cottage cheese fries. I was wondering how that would work. Haha!

Lovin' Life said...

What nice Easter eggs! I liked the dark blue spotted one.
We dyed about 6 dozen eggs this year! I think we are going to be eating some egg salad. :)

Tracey M. said...

Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments!! They made my week :o)

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