Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lessons From Our Heavenly Father ... "Stay", a Review

I have been participating in the Tyndale Blog Network and received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I got to read this wonderful book called, Stay: Lessons My Dog Taught Me About Life, Loss and Grace. This was a heartwarming story that was so much more than a story of a man and his dog. From chapter to chapter, Dave Burchett weaves a story of our loving heavenly Father and the lessons the Lord showed him through the experiences with his loving and loyal dog.

In this book, Dave gives an intimate look at the hardships of his own life and the way the Lord uses this sweet dog Hannah to minister to them. An amazing relationship unfolded between his wife, their dog Hannah, and himself as his wife went through and overcame her cancer.

It takes a somber turn when they learn of Hannah's own cancer diagnosis and seeing her resilience and joy just in being with her master, Dave, even as she became sicker and weaker. Her energy and contentment in the small things, even while she was sick, touched her owner's heart and in his journaling he realized how God was using Hannah to teach him about life.

The story continues to unfold as another dog, a successor to Hannah, comes into their life and the lessons keep coming. I enjoyed how the author begins each chapter with a journal entry and continues each chapter sharing biblical lessons and observations that warm and instruct the heart.

Thank you, Tyndale, for the enjoyment of reading such a wonderful and tender book.

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