Friday, February 25, 2011

Daddy Time Friday

There is a fun blog hop I'm joining up to created by a fellow blogger and Tot School mom, Patricia. Come join in the fun over at My Tot Learning Time where we get to thank our hubbies and share a little of what daddy is doing with our kids each week.

I really enjoy this linkup. I find that often I'm not making memories with pictures when daddy is spending time with J. Often, I'm letting them have "alone time" and I'm doing something else. This link up has helped me to focus on capturing some of these neat moments daddy has in spending time with J. I will be doing this once a month, since I'm reducing my blog time a bit.

J and Daddy doing horsey-back rides

Daddy and J playing some soccer (most pictures were of J)

Daddy making J laugh during a low-key dinner

Daddy and I both love making J laugh. This was hysterical. Daddy would say something funny and J would do this incredibly funny laugh. They went back and forth and none of us could stop laughing.

Here is a cute video I got of J and daddy playing ball:

Thank you daddy, for working so hard all week and yet still making time for precious moments with your family. We Love You!!


Patricia said...

Thanks for linking up:)))) I love the stairs game and Noarai wanted to see it lots of times. I agree with you, this link help us focus on the precious time they spend with daddy. And it also motivates my hubby to spend more time with the girls as his language of love is words. He is every Friday waiting for his post:)

Tracey M. said...

That is so sweet that Noarai watched the video over and over.

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