Saturday, February 19, 2011

What We Are Reading

One of J's favorite activities is reading books and I absolutely love cuddling him on my lap and reading. I like to link up to What My Child Is Reading blog link-up. Not only is it a great way to record the wonderful books we've read, but I've found so many new good book ideas by visiting each week. Click on the button below to see what others have been reading!

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson
I really am enjoying this author, Karma Wilson. She has such wholesome, godly books. The Bear series are really fun and we enjoyed this one too. In the middle of a cold winter night, several little animals come to the bear's cave to keep warm. They end up having a fun, little party and bear is sleeping the whole time while all the noise is going on. They end up waking him up and he's a very grumpy bear, until they include him in the fun. I love the great illustrations too.

Duck, Duck, Goose by Tad Hills
Duck and Goose are best friends. One day, duck brings a new friend over to play who he is really taken with. He just loves and admires this new duck. But this duck seems a bit pompous bragging all the time about all she can do. This really wears on goose and eventually he goes off to play by himself. By the end, duck realizes life without goose isn't as fun so he goes searching him out. They end up figuring out a way to conveniently get out of playing with the other duck and are back to enjoying their old friendship again. Although this wasn't my favorite book, J asked for it over and over again. I did like the pictures, just wasn't as excited about the story.

Just Going to the Dentist by Mercer Mayer
This week we have our first trip to the dentist so we've been preparing with some books. We really liked this Mercer Mayer one. They are always fun and enjoyable and it's great that it's helping J to know what to expect like a thorough exam of the teeth, cleaning, even getting X-rays. The part we liked the most was when he entered the exam room, it reminded him of a space ship. We always have fun in these books trying to find the critter's little frog and spider friend. They show up on just about every page, and we have to sometimes search a bit to locate them.

Our First Chapter Book:
The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary
I got this idea from someone who posted on the link-up in the past. They were reading a chapter book to their little one and it was from Beverly Cleary's mouse series. I had found the videos for J and he absolutely loves them. I had no idea if he was ready for a chapter book, but I gave it a try. We started with the first in the mouse series and to my joy, J is really loving it. We have been doing a chapter most nights and it is really bringing out J's creativity. Since there aren't many pictures to look at, J is really getting into the story action by having an ongoing stream of thoughts as we read.

A Pocket for Corduroy by Don Freeman
We got our first Corduroy book about a month ago and have found that J really enjoys them. The stories are about a little girl and the teddy bear that she loves. In this book, they take a trip to the laundromat and Corduroy ends up getting lost and left behind. They have a lovely reunion and in the end they "nuzzle noses". J came up to me several times after reading this saying, "Let's nuzzle noses mommy!" And he'd proceed to push his little nose into my face and we'd nuzzle back and forth. Just adorable!

Snow Wonder by Charles Ghigna
This book does a good job of highlighting all the joys of snow and winter including sledding, snow angels, building snowmen, having hot chocolate and ice skating. All things that I love about winter and want to share with my son! I usually have good luck with the Step Into Reading books like this one as the stories are fun and the pictures are great.

Snug as a Bug? by Amy Imbody
I recently found Zonderkidz books through Amazon. Now I just do an Amazon search, put the book I like in my library search box online and I've been amazed how many of those books I can find in our library. This was one of them. It is a sweet little book about a boy who imagines going to bed like all different kinds of animals and critters (like sleeping in the mud like a frog). It ends with him wanting to sleep in his own little bed, and his mom thanking God for him. It also has a sweet little note for moms at the back of the book that touched my heart. It was a nice encouragement about the impact we make on the world around us as we shepherd our kids.

Sweet Dreams Lullaby by Betsy Snyder
Again, we found a lovely bedtime book. This actually came from the blog host at Mouse Reads, Mouse Grows. As this little bunny is preparing for bed, the books tells in a neat, rhyming way about all kinds of creatures prepare for the night. What's really neat is how the colors of the pages change like the way the sun sets getting darker and darker hues. Sweet little bedtime book.

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Jodie said...

Aw, my daughter likes to nuzzle noses too! We checked that book out from the library a few months ago and she still asks to do it!

I will have to try chapter books, I have thought about trying it, but didn't know which one to choose.

Elle Belles Bows said...

Duck Duck Goose was a hit here too.

Looks like a great list! I will need to check some of them out for E.


Anne@LittleSproutBooks said...

We are fans of the Bear series as well, and we've been wondering when a good time to introduce chapter books at bedtime would be - my husband is the bedtime reader, and looking forward to some "meatier" reads. Hope it goes well for you!

Tracey M. said...

J is excited that we'll pick out our next chapter book together. I know sometime I want to do the Little House series and maybe the Box Car Children. So cute you have a fellow nose nuzzler.

Thanks for your comment!

Thanks for your comment! So daddy starts our bedtime reading and then J wanted me to also read several books when I finish tucking him in. The chapter book time has helped since I just read that and I notice he cuddles more and gets sleepier without having many pictures to look at.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Thanks for joining WMCIR! You found a lot of lovely books this week, and some of them were very popular here as well, especially Critter series. We still usually get one of them from the library every time we go. I have to try Beverly Cleary books!

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