Saturday, February 26, 2011

What My Child is Reading

One of J's favorite activities is reading books and I absolutely love cuddling him on my lap and reading. I like to link up to What My Child Is Reading blog link-up. Not only is it a great way to record the wonderful books we've read, but I've found so many new good book ideas by visiting each week. Click on the button below to see what others have been reading!

Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae
This is a cute little story and the title explains it well. There is a giraffe who just loves to dance, but he is very uncoordinated. His legs are always buckling when he tries to run around. He felt very left out as he watched all the other jungle animals dancing at the Jungle Dance and the others just made fun of him. On his way home, he met a cute little cricket who encouraged him that being different is OK. With the cricket's help, he was able to find his own music to dance to by listening to the swaying grass and branches blowing in the breeze. All the animals came by to watch and were amazed at his wonderful dancing. Gerald was just happy that he was really and truly dancing. (We also found this at our library and watched it on DVD, in the Scholastic Series.)

If Peas Could Taste Like Candy and other Funny Poems for Kids by Crystal Bowman
I can't remember how I came across this, but I'm so glad I found it! The Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns blog has encouraged me to look into poetry for J but I just didn't know what would appeal to him. These poems are so fun. They have great rhyming and rhythm and they also come from Zondervan so many of the poems are related to God and faith. We read a few of these before his afternoon nap.

It's Fun to Share by Michael Anthony Steele, a Zonderkidz book
We love Boz! He's a big green bear with blue eyes created by Zonderkidz the makers of the NIV bible. We like the books and DVDs too. They teach wonderful lessons and J loves them. This one for sharing is something we get from the library every couple months since this is such a hard thing for kids to learn. They share cookies, a ball, learn to take turns and even share a story.

Little David's Big Heart by Crystal Bowman
This is the author of the funny poems. It is a rendition of the story of David told by mice! The illustrations are just wonderful and the story is great. Little David mouse learns that he will become king and his brothers are jealous. David's response was to get some food that he shared with his brothers. He does other brave things and we see his lovely heart. He is kind and helpful and will make a great king.

Olivia Acts Out by Jodie Shepherd
We found Olivia when we visited at my sister's and watched NickJr (we don't have cable at home). We saw this on DVD first, and then I found they had the book. This is about Olivia wanting the lead role in a play and ending up being "cow number 2". It is very humbling for her and she doesn't take it very well. J and I were able to talk about what to do when you don't get what you want; good ways to respond and not so good ways to respond.

Toot and Puddle by Holly Hobbie
Toot and Puddle are two cute little pigs who live in Woodcock Pocket. J found Toot and Puddle when we spent some time on Nick Jr on the computer. They have videos you can watch online and he really enjoyed this so we found the book. In this story, Toot wants to travel the world while Puddle prefers to stay around home. The story is told through Toot's postcards he sends to Puddles from his travels. I had fun reading the postcards with the accent from that country. Then they have a fun reunion at the end when Toot returns.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen
I first found this on You Tube after we heard the story (via Ipod) acted out at library story time. The rhythm is so catchy J and I kept singing it. I checked out the book and we have a lot of fun reading it. It gets a teeny bit scary for J when they find the bear in the cave at the end of the book and run home. But he always asks to hear it again. Here's the link to the version we heard at our library: We're Going on a Bear Hunt

What's In the Egg Little Pip? by Karma Wilson
This was a book we got after seeing it reviewed on the Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns reading linkup. We love any book that has penguins in it and this one was cute too. It's about Pip, a baby penguin and her family as they have an egg to take care of and await a new arrival. Pip is feeling left out and isn't convinced they need the egg until the egg hatches and she falls in love with her little brother.

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Mom and Kiddo said...

Toot and Puddle is a favorite around here.

Raising a Happy Child said...

We love Toot and Puddle books here as well, but we don't get Nick Jr at home. As a matter of fact, a lot of books on your list are favorites here as well, and I am happy that you found poems that J loves. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

Tracey M. said...

Yes, Toot and Puddles are so cute. We don't get Nick Jr either (don't have cable) so we found it on the internet. It's amazing that at you can watch the videos online for free.

Lovin' Life said...

My daughter loves the Toot and Puddle books. We like to sing the songs when we for He's A jolly good fellow and you are my sunshine. Great books!

Tracey M. said...

We haven't come across the songs in the Toot/Puddle books yet. Have to go check that out; that sounds so sweet!

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