Friday, February 25, 2011

Where to Go From Here (conclusion)

The Answer to My Question:

So....I've been able to get a much better handle on blogging in a way that frees me up. The main idea is the need to slow down; to not have the feeling of being so rushed or putting pressure on myself about blogging.

For my piece of mind I put together a new and lighter blogging schedule.

Sundays: My "Tot School/We Play" post linking up to 1+1+1=1
Tuesdays: My Tiny Talk Tuesday post and link up Sunday's post to We Play
Saturdays: My "What We Are Reading" post and link up to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns

Wednesdays: Once a month do "Wordless Wednesday" post at Internet Cafe
Fridays: Once a month will do "Daddy Time Friday" post and link up to My Tot Learning Time

I am back to enjoying blogging. I'm not sweating it that I shared a bit about a marriage post I was working on and it hasn't been finished yet. It'll come. I'm allowing for more rest in my life and taking it slow to SAVOR these moments of life the Lord has given.

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