Monday, February 22, 2010

Julian our little climber

Julian is 21 months old today. In our morning time today he was watching Elmo and I had to run upstairs for a minute. When I came back down I didn't see him so I was concerned until I noticed he was sitting in the chair! This means he had to get up there by himself which he hadn't done before. I remembered Lanty had been teaching him how to do this yesterday. Then he was practicing getting up and down for a bit.

Today I was reading 1Samuel 23. The Philistines were attacking so David went to God to ask if he and his men should go fight and God told him yes. His men are scared and do not want to go so David goes back and asks God again if they should attack. God again says yes so David and his men went and fought. David continues to go to God to seek direction. Beth Moore noted how he wasn't doubting God but was doubting his understanding. Instead of forcing his men to attack, he went back to God to make sure he wasn't leading his men into trouble. Later we see again the blessing of his friendship with Jonathan as Jonathan comes to encourage him and "him help find strength in the Lord". What an important relationship to have.

Julian and I had some time at the library today and it was neat to see him trying to share with a little boy. Later when I picked him up after our workout at the YMCA he looked adorable wearing a little fireman's hat. The worker told me he kept saying "fire" over and over so she found the hat for him to wear. It was so hard getting him to part with it though so that brought some tears.

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