Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lots of good play time today

Today our Titus group met at Blackhawk for play group. Lanty prayed that I'd be able to have spiritual conversations and I was really blessed by that prayer being answered. I got into a couple of really good conversations where we shared about the Lord in our lives and it was encouraging. Julian and I both had a really nice time. I'm starting to see a little possessiveness coming out with toys he wants from others or toys someone else wants from him.

In my time with the Lord today I was reading 1 Samuel 25. In this chapter we meet lovely Abigail and her mean-spirited husband Nabal. It was Nabal who wronged David when he refused to give him provisions for the months of protection David and his men had offered him. Abigail came to seek forgiveness and make amends and you see how humbly she approached David showing such deep respect for him as she seeks to stop him from taking revenge by killing her husband and his men. David's immediate response was to praise God as he realizes without the Lord sending this woman he would have killed all those men. My prayer is that God would keep me from doing wrong to get back at someone knowing their wrongdoing will be brought on their own head, as David learns here.

We had more play time after lunch today. I found a blog by a creative mother coming up with ways to play with her toddlers I borrowed one of her games and rounded up all of Julian's balls, put them in a bucket and headed up the stairs to let them bounce their way down one after another. One of them got stuck so I pushed it and it rolled all the way down the railing and Julian loved that so we spent the next 15 minutes with Julian handing me the balls and me putting it on the railing to let it roll down. We also had fun starting at the bottom of the stairs and throwing the balls up. This definitely required supervision when we were at the tops of the stairs. After a quick trip to Walgreen's we headed outside to play in the snow on this nice sunny day. I made a snow angel for Julian and later was making a snowman. I turned around and saw Julian wriggling on his back so I thought he had fallen over and couldn't get up. It turns out as I listened he was saying "angel, angel" and wriggling his body back and forth. He was making his first snow angel! It was so sweet.

Julian was doing a lot of cute things tonight after dinner. One of them was taking daddy's guitar and trying to hold onto it and play it while on the floor. He also took the cord attached to a keyboard we let him play with and was using it as a pretend fire truck hose. While I was putting him to bed and praying I was so thankful for what a wonderful day we had together.

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