Sunday, February 28, 2010

The significance of prayer and seeking the Lord

We have a pretty full day today. After breakfast we headed out to go get groceries. We usually do that Saturday but going out to dinner took up that time. Julian is always so good in the store. He doesn't get bored with all the colorful packaging to look at and is pretty good about not monkeying around with the things in the cart.

Returned home and read 1 Samuel 30. David returns to the Israelites and finds their region has been destroyed and the wives and children taken captive. They weeped over this and his men were bitter. There was even talk of stoning David (looking for a scapegoat) so David had reason to get upset but instead he finds strength in the Lord his God. David then sought the Lord and was told to go and fight. David and his men won back all that had been taken and David wanted it split between those who stayed behind and those who went to battle. To the men that objected he declared by a statute that this was what should be done with what the Lord gave them. Beth reflects on how David's men turned their backs on David and how she thinks God will sometimes "leave us alone" without support to teach us how to find strength in him alone. I can definitely relate to that.

We got Julian's potty today. It's a talking Elmo potty (which we hope we don't regret getting). We don't think he'll be using it that soon, but wanted him to get used to it being around since he started the first stage of telling us when he has a dirty diaper. We got it out and Julian got to "play" with it for a bit. His big introduction to the potty.

We had some adult time with friends Jim and Becky while our kids had a play date. The living room was a romper room and the kids enjoyed themselves while we had a good time catching up. Julian did really well today with sharing his toys and I really didn't see much possessiveness which was great.

We picked Julian up after church today and his cheeks were bright red. They said he had so much fun and was "talking" a lot and dancing for them. I asked him to show me how he danced and he starts bobbing his head back and forth and wiggling his body. It was so cute. When we got in the car he started jamming to the music waving his head back and forth from his car seat. He was really keyed up.

At church we're continuing to read the book of Luke and looking at how Jesus was defined; not by the common man but coming from the perspective of those close to him. The focus today was on prayer. We see in Luke one of Jesus' disciples asking him to teach them how to pray. Jesus then shares what has become known as the Lord's prayer. We reflected on "hallowed be thy name", a call to seek the Lord starting with reverence and awe. A recognition of God as God. Seeking forgiveness also is to be a huge part of prayer. Praying in this way anew tonight brought such a sense of connectedness with the Lord. I am thankful for this teaching reminder.

Tonight was bath night and I always give Julian some play time before doing the actual bathing. It's amazing that he still fits in the whale tub that he's been using for the past 6+ months. He went through a stage of being afraid of the bath but now he's back to enjoying it again which is a blessing. Now it's time for a little relaxing and winding down after the weekend.

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