Wednesday, April 28, 2010

King of the Tot Slide

I feel like I'm getting a slight cold. It started yesterday but I've been taking Cold-eeze so hopefully it won't hit fully. Since I was worn out last night, I was wondering how I'd feel today and I'm not too bad. I think the drops are working. Since I was feeling well, we went to PalZone and had some fun play time. It's neat, now that I've been going there for a while I'm talking with more of the mothers. J did extremely well today which is an answer to prayer. There was only one time I had to remind him about sharing. He was also good at story time and putting his name on the board. We made a mask together after reading Where the Wild Things Are. We stopped at a garage sale and I added to J's ball collection with two small ones at $1 each.

When we got home, we played outside for a bit and then ate. We had a play date at the park after lunch. My friend from our mom's group lives literally two minutes away so we met at the park and J played with her daughter on the jungle gym. He still wants me to go down the big slide with him, but he took a big step on the tot slide today. He went from needing to hold my hands at first to then going on his tummy and finally went face forward with no hands all by himself. It was neat to see him face his fear and overcome it. On the way home, we found a bunch of balls someone was giving away so we played with those for a time.

In my devotional time today I finished Luke 3 and started Luke 4. Jesus begins his ministry and news about him spread throughout the countryside. Jesus fasts for 40 days in the desert and is tempted by Satan. He resisted the temptations by quoting scripture. Beth shares that the temptations were an assault on his messiahship. The thing I'm being tempted with right now is food. I seem to crave dessert after every meal. Lunch right now is when I'm having dessert (a drumstick) but yesterday since I shared one with J, I went and had another one. Ugh. It seems to nullify my workouts. I'm not gaining, but I'm just not losing. A friend mentioned her success with Weight Watchers and I may join her at a meeting to check it out. What I'm doing right now isn't bringing results so we'll see.

J woke up from his nap in a bad mood. That's unusual for him. This was one of those days where he didn't get a morning nap. In fact, this afternoon he came up to me saying "sleep Mommy?" and walked to the stairs telling me he was ready for a nap. So I think this is fallout, not getting the full 2 naps. He had fun at the Y though. He and his little friend Minesh had the place to themselves. The gal said the two of them play really well together. He even wanted to play outside when we got home and hard to believe but at 8:30 there was still a bit of light so he and daddy kicked around a soccer ball. Then it was time for sleep. We were rehearsing the day and when I got to the part about doing the slide all by himself, he said "again" meaning he wanted me to tell him that part again. He had me repeat it like 3 times and each time had a big grin like so proud of himself.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. My women's bible study is having a luncheon since we're in between books right now and then I have Mom's Night Out with my Titus mom's group. We're having fondue and I'll be making a cheese dish. Should be fun. I feel really blessed by how God is growing these relationships with the moms I've been meeting. At some points, I was getting frustrated because it seemed really hard to develop relationships but the Lord kept reminding me that something of value takes time and work to grow. Since I'm a stay at home mom these relationships are very important. So tomorrow should be fun.


tea said...

I hope the cold stays away.

Our son woke up from nap in a bad mood today too. It was the first time I felt like we were dealing with terrible twos. But really, I think he was just still tired. It's great that your little guy got the courage to go down the slide! Yay! I hope you have fun tomorrow with your group! :)

Tracey Monroe said...

Thanks, Tea!

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