Saturday, April 24, 2010

A low-key Saturday

We had a little extra snooze time this morning while J slept a bit later. He could barely wait for me to make the pancakes he was so hungry, so he sampled the batter. L and I read him a few books after breakfast and then he wanted Veggie Tales for a bit.

This morning I continued in Luke 2. Joseph and Mary took Jesus to the temple to present him to the Lord. There we meet Simeon, a righteous and devout man. The Lord revealed to him that he would not die before he had seen Christ. When Simeon sees the baby Jesus, he took him in his arms and praised God. The Lord fulfilled his promise. Luke also speaks of a woman named Anna who never left the temple but worshiped there day and night. She came up to Jesus and gave thanks to God speaking about him to all who were waiting for the redemption of Israel. We see here the Lord revealing himself to people devoted to him (Anna and Simeon). Beth reflects how God constantly reveals himself to us and we, through devotional time, prayer, waiting and observing will see more and more of him.

This afternoon, J wanted waffles for lunch. We went round and round with all the other options and the only thing he'd eat was waffles. Then he asked for yogurt so I gave him that too. He ended up playing with the waffles and eating 2 yogurts and refusing anything else. Not a good meal. After lunch, we headed to the library to return some things. I ended up finding a cute dinosaur book for J which is one of the things he's into right now (in addition to fire trucks, construction equipment, Thomas the train, Sesame Street, hotwheels cars, Little People).

J's been having a good time playing with the new toys I got from the garage sales and secondhand store. He loves anything that has sound and lights. Most of them aren't too bad noise-wise. The Caterpillar digger though is a bit obnoxious so I'll have to put duct tape over the little speaker. He continues to love "reading" through books. He'll place the book on the couch and stand there turning pages and "reading" them.

Well, we had another exciting Saturday night. We did quick and easy dinner and J ate so well. He more than made up for the yogurt lunch. I gave him a plain cheese quesedilla and I put sour cream with salsa on mine. He asked to try mine (saying J try?) and he really liked it so I put some on his; a lot messier but added dairy and veggies to the meal. After dinner, we picked up groceries for the week. I still plan the coming week's menu so I have everything I need and it gives me piece of mind to not have to plan meals each night. When we got home, J was playing with his trucks and so I told him I was missing my little helper. I asked if he wanted to help and he came right away to help me with the rest of the groceries. We name all the foods as we put them away. Finally, it was time for our bedtime routine and now I have a little free time for my Saturday night.

Oh, I almost forgot. I want to keep writing about my eating program since I need accountability. Neither yesterday or today were "perfect" days, I had sweet snacks both days. When I dropped off the meal the other night, the mom gave me a huge chocolate bar so I've had that as a snack both days. It's not gone yet but close to it. Temptation is so hard since chocolate is really my favorite. Then I was really hungry tonight but had some strawberries which were really good. I have to remember I can snack on fruits and veggies, just not anything else.

Last thing, my camera broke yesterday so for a while I won't have a good photo to match up with the day. I'll be pulling in some old ones instead or finding pics from the internet.


tea said...

It sounds like you guys had a good day. I'm starting to try to eat healthier too. I'm trying to cut out as much sugar as I can and also..I'm giving up pop (my favorite)..I may allow myself one a month though. I want to try this for a few months and see if I notice a difference. It sounds like you're doing great with all your exercise and eating healthy. I hope your camera gets fixed easily. :)

Anonymous said...

Reading your posts takes me back to when my children we younger...oh so bitter sweet. Children truly show us how our lives are but a breath...they grow up and are on their own before we realize it. Thank you for allowing us a peak into your world. I like what you read about Anna...thanks for reminding me of her story.

Tracey Monroe said...

Tea-Good luck on giving up pop. I bet you'll be noticing a difference. I may have to send the camera back to Nikon so I hope it goes well too.

Paula-Thanks for your words on our children growing up so fast. Especially on days that are challenging, I need to remember that.

Eileen said...

Hi Tracey,
I know you are trying to watch what you eat and stuff. I know Weight Watchers has been very successful for me so far (38 lbs. since October) because no foods are "off limits." (I don't think I could do it it otherwise.) If I want chocolate, I can have chocolate. I just have to count the points. If you ever want to go to a meeting with me to see what it's about, let me know. Best of luck however you do it though :-)

Tracey Monroe said...

Thanks, Eileen! I just may take you up on that. What I'm doing just isn't really working even though I added a 3rd workout into the week. Do keep me posted :O)

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