Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Perfect day for the zoo

Yesterday I didn't get my devotional time off the ground. I felt like I slept okay, but for whatever reason, maybe I was really comfortable on the couch or something but I could not stay awake. I kept reading the verse over and over but couldn't focus on the study. I was able to pray a little bit.

I spent a lot of the day planning out my son's birthday celebration. We are going to have a dedication at our church in the morning and then a birthday picnic afterward. I decided on an Elmo theme since that was the first character he chose as a favorite. We went to the store and picked up invitations and all the place setting items too. We'll see if I end up with enough. Then I sent out a "save the date" invitation by email. I'm really looking forward to celebrating with our family and friends.

Since Julian kept asking for "King Farms" which is McKee Farms, one of the parks we go to, we spent some time hanging out there on the play structures. I heard someone call my name and was pleasantly surprised to see a friend I know from my mom's group. It was great timing. There were several friendly moms today making conversation about our kids. Then we had to leave since it was time for his nap.

We had a little time after dinner to play before my husband and I headed out to our life group. Dad was playing the guitar and Julian was dancing with our babysitter. During our small group time, one of our questions related to the sermon was about what ways you have found to grow in your pursuit of God. There was a lot of good sharing and I shared for me it's in having some basic time alone with the Lord every day. We were all sharing how challenging it is to have time to balance everything and you have to really fight (yourself and your circumstances) to get that time every day. But the rewards are so great. Instead of doing something just to put a check mark on your to do list, it creates in you a deeper relationship with God so you crave those times together. I liken it to our need for daily spiritual food which I think is just as great as our need for real food. We ended up getting home so late there was no time to do a blog post.

This morning, Julian seemed a bit punchy. Like he had a bit of edginess to him. I was hoping that would go away since our plan would be to go to the Pal Zone play group that meets on Wednesdays. I prayed about it and was so relieved that we ended up having a really nice time. Julian responded well when I reminded him we were going to share today and play nice, which I had to do a few times. But it didn't get any worse like it has in the past with him trying to hit or push someone. Then at story time, he participated more like saying his name when he was asked to stick his name on the board at the front. He giggled a lot through the goofy songs too.

In my Place of Quiet Rest book, the topic today was about surrendering control. Although I know this is at the core of following Jesus, to have him as Lord, I still find it hard. I agree with Nancy because I know I do this: when we have a difficult or annoying circumstance, we'll often tend to view the difficult person or circumstance as the problem, yet if we instead see this as something God has allowed and we can trust him, it really opens up an opportunity to grow. It also gives us a whole new way of relating to that circumstance! She shares how taking time to be with God every day keeps our heart in check. By opening our hearts to him he will show us when we're stuck and help us move beyond it.

After our play group, we came home and packed a lunch for the next part of the day which was meeting our friends for a picnic and fun at the zoo. This was our first time going to the zoo this season and we had fun. He liked hearing the lion roar and was saying "again, again" to the lion. Then the otter was hiding behind a stump so he's saying "come here Otter, come here". I couldn't believe how warm it got today, close to 80 with no clouds. Just gorgeous. I was really warm in pants. I could tell Julian not having a morning nap was catching up with him though, as he started to get restless and crabby. I gave him his nuk and blankie in the car and he was asleep within minutes.

I totally forgot that we're focusing on Mary the mother of Jesus this week for my bible study. I didn't even look at the study until today. I had a little chuckle to myself when I saw what one main topic would be, Mary showing us the meaning of surrender. I love it when God puts an "exclamation point" on something he wants me to see in my life. It's about surrender! If only it was as easy to put into practice as it is to share these insights that I have. Some of the main aspects we learn of Mary were how she knew the scriptures well, she had a worshiping heart and a humble, teachable heart. Like when the angel told her she would give birth to the Messiah she responded "I am the Lord's servant.....May it be as you have said." One interesting highlight was that if you go back through the Old Testament, there is a common thread tying the books together and that is the ever-unfolding promise of a savior.

Julian took a long nap but woke up still out of sorts and cranky. Our day wasn't over yet as we had another adventure of going out to dinner with our friend Brad. He wanted to play outside but I had to get stuff ready to go as I pack a little din-din for him. He had a couple melt downs in the beginning but then he enjoyed Brad making faces at him and teasing him and he settled into eating then coloring. Our friend just lost his mom so our hearts were heavy as he explained her sudden passing from a heart attack. We got home past his bedtime, but it was so nice outside that the three of us just hung outside watching the stars for a while. Then going to bed Julian was just wired, so we played a few games of chase the blankie and tickle mania before he settled for sleep. I was then able to spend some time catching up with my younger sister on the phone. Now it's off to bed!

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