Friday, April 9, 2010

A full and wonderful day

Today was just such a great day. Julian and I were gone from the house from about 10am until 4pm just stopping in briefly a couple of times. Often that would mean I'd be really tired or a bit burnt out but God just blessed me today with lots of energy and enjoyment from all the activity. I'm sure it helped that it was a beautifully sunny, 60 degree day. We started out in the morning going to Toddler Time at the library. She read about 4 books, we sang some songs and then the kids got to do a craft (making a lamb with cotton balls and construction paper). Then I wanted to get in my 3rd workout of the week so we went to the Y and Julian enjoyed playing in the nursery while I did a great 30 minute workout alternating running and walking. We hadn't eaten out in a couple weeks so I thought I'd treat myself by going to Panchero's to lunch just mother and son. He's usually pretty good at the restaurant and he was today. I have to remember not to bring applesauce though since it was really messy. We shared a chicken quesadilla and he also had good old PB&J. Then we did some shopping at Target the highlight of which was getting a new blender (the old one died months ago) so we can make smoothies and then a plastic pail and shovel for Julian to play with in the yard. We still had plenty of time so we stopped at the park and the two of us played for an hour. Most of that time we had the park to ourselves so we were playing chase games on the jungle gym that kept us laughing. Finally, we stopped at the video store where kids videos are free and got a couple for the weekend. Whew. I'm glad that all my days aren't that full!

In my reading, the focus was on Psalm 30 and 1Chronicles 29. I like this psalm. Psalm 30:2 (O LORD my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.) is one of my life verses for God rescuing me from the depths of a long, dark depression (see post Feb. 20th for more about that). What resonates with me is the verse "he turns my wailing into dancing". To me this speaks of what happened in my life. In 1Chron. verse 9 really stood out to me. It said the people of Israel "had given freely and wholeheartedly to the Lord". That's something I want to do in my life. To give of myself in that way, my time, my possessions. It's a tall order! I have to fight my nature to horde and honestly just at times being selfish. In this chapter, we come to David's death. In the last time he addresses the people, he leads them in praise to the Lord, once again showing his heart. The people rejoiced and David led them in praise for having the means to build the temple. He had an active praise life, which leads me to examine my own. I used to have a praise/worship time during my devotional time but that seems to have phased out. I started today with getting back into that. My heart is just lighter.

On to the difficult part of the day. Julian had a good nap, but after waking up he acted like he hadn't. It started with me asking him to give me a kiss and instead he hit me! Lightly, but still. I asked him to say he was sorry and told him it hurt mommy and he refused to say sorry. This set off a major melt down which then spun into being upset at dinner, getting upset after dinner and finally I started our night routine and he calmed down and we read a book and sang a couple songs. Now I think it's time for me to wind down and do some reading in bed before sleep.

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