Friday, April 23, 2010

A full day with the mom's group

Yesterday, J turned 23 months old. It is hard to believe in 1 month he'll be two!! He has grown and changed so much since he was a little baby. Lately, I've been revisiting in my mind how far the Lord has brought me in parenting. While going through my long span of anxiety/depression, just going across town or going somewhere to do shopping was almost overwhelming. It was like my brain just wouldn't work right (especially for directions) and the anxiety about all these new responsibilities and learning a different way of doing life was just confounding. Each time I have these memories I praise God for being healthy, so thankful for being healthy.

In the morning, we went to our Titus play group. It was the last one of the spring session. Over the summer, we won't have play group as often but it'll be at the park which will be fun. There was a great turn out so there was a huge variety of toys. I think that's why J only came up to me once saying "mommy play?" and taking my hand. He had lots to do and enjoyed himself with only a couple run ins with other kids. I was very disheartened when I found out he hit a little girl. One of the others moms was giving me reassurance as she's struggling with that too with her daughter and in her older daughter she's seen it pass. I just keep teaching him that hitting is not okay and not allowed. Afterward, several of us went out for lunch and went to McDonalds so the kids could play. After some play, we went to some local garage sales. I was able to find some good things for J at small prices. I was having so much fun that I didn't realize I'd completely missed my women's bible study and my babysitter until I was almost home. I caught up with my babysitter to apologize and will take her to lunch next week! Although I really enjoy the study, I wouldn't have traded the time with the moms. This was the reason I joined the Titus group, to befriend other moms and be able to do fun things with our children together.

In my devotional time, I read the last part of Luke 1. Elizabeth gives birth to John. As the baby was being named, Zechariah got his speech back and what's so encouraging is that he immediately began to speak praising God. That reminds me of David. Didn't lose an opportunity to thank the Lord. Neighbors and relatives were filled with awe about this special child. In Zechariah's song, he shares that his child will be a prophet. Zechariah shares God enacted this intricate plan because of his tender mercy. Beth Moore asks us to meditate on that and it warms my heart to do so. Just remembering things I've done that I've been forgiven for, how much he's healed me of; knowing he has compassion on me even when I've slipped and he forgives me is remarkable to me. What grace, what a gift. He also shares that John has been set apart since birth and God prepares him until he grew up and came into his power. Beth likens this to us as we also are set apart once we are spiritually reborn. We're prepared and equipped for what the Lord has for us to do.

We worked out again since we missed Monday (at the hymn sing). I've been sticking with the same workout. Since I love to read, I've been squeezing in some reading time during my workout. I am reading The Pastor's Wife about Sabina Wurmbrand. She and her husband started the organization the Voice of the Martyrs. It chronicles her life and time spent in prison during communism and World War II in Romania. Even though some of it is hard to read about, it is amazing to see this woman imprisoned for her faith yet continue to share, pray and sing of her love for the Lord. I can't even imagine it, but it is encouraging. This was also a day where I completely followed our eating program. Balanced meals, no snacks and nothing after 7pm.

I gave J a bath when we got home, then I dropped by the apartment of a mom in our group who just had a baby to give them a meal. They invited me in and we had a really nice time getting to know one another better. Their baby is so tiny. I just loved her little tiny feet! And to think J was once that size, since he was born at 6 pounds. Wow. Just precious.

This morning, we read a few of the new books L's coworker gave us for J. I read an animal counting book and after we were done, J picked it up and went through it by himself pointing to all the animals like I did and "counting" them with his few numbers he knows. Then we had toddler time at the library. I noticed J participated more in the songs and finger play. So cute as he "wagged his tail" and danced. We went to the Y and I got in my 3rd workout of the week. The running part was really hard. I couldn't stop watching the clock, but it was a good hard like I knew I was getting a good workout. It wasn't the greatest weather, but it was almost no-jacket and hazy/cloudy. Since it will probably rain this weekend, I picked up a sub so J and I could have a little picnic and play time at McKee Farms. J was pretty independent today running all over the place and climbing. We worked on counting today every time we walked up stairs. It's so cute to hear him mix up his numbers. He waved his hand and made contact with a couple girls. I couldn't tell if it was aggressive or playful, but either way I prefer he not do it and told him so.

I started Luke 2 today which tells of the birth of Jesus. It's interesting that the first ones to hear the news about the birth were the shepherds. It seems that God enjoyed revealing himself to common people. The shepherds spread the news and all who heard it were amazed, Luke 2:19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

We had a challenging time with J at dinner tonight. Instead of what I made, he wanted yogurt and I told him he could have yogurt after eating some of the meal first. He wouldn't let up. Finally, after he was crying and crying L took him up to his crib so he could calm down. After, he still wanted yogurt first so this time I let him have some and then he ate the meal. After dinner, he asked for "Y tales" which I've figured out means Veggie Tales. So we watched a part of an episode on God Made You Special. Since L put J to bed tonight, I have a little more time to unwind which is nice.


tea said...

Sounds like you've had some good days. It's great that you're really making friends with the other moms. I'm sure that will be a real blessing. We struggled a little through dinner tonight with our son too. We were running late and I think he was just getting too tired, but he made it. Our boys are so close in age! My son is just about 25 months. :)

tea said...

Hi again :)

I just remembered.. earlier today I was visiting another blog and I thought of you. I thought you might enjoy this blog and I wanted to pass the link on to you..

Hope you like it. :)

Tracey Monroe said...

You're a blessing! Thanks for thinking of me. I really like this site. How neat that our sons are so close in age.

tea said...

Thanks, Tracey! I'm glad you liked it! :)

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