Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wrapping up the study of David

Well, after yesterday with nonstop activity, today seems almost dull. Julian wanted to stay in his jammies this morning when I went to dress him which was okay with me. After our Saturday morning pancakes, I was reading a bit of the news when Julian came up to me and said "come here, play mommy" so we had some play time with the Thomas the Train toys. I was making up stories with the trains and Julian kept saying "again". Then I put in a Wiggles video I got from our video store where kids movies are free. I wasn't that into it and I found out Julian wasn't either when part way through he said "all done mommy". So I tried Stellaluna which was about a fruit bat adopted by a family of birds. That was cute.

In my devotional time today, I finished the book (A Heart Like His) and the last chapter was the 2nd half of 1Chronicles 29 which concludes the study of the life of David. David can finally rest as the shepherd boy turned king prepares his nation and his family for life without him. In concluding, Beth Moore looks at David's words in Psalm 71:20 You will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. Here we see David with the same hope we as people of faith have, the resurrection. He shares the belief that we too will be raised as Christ was raised and have eternal life. I spent some time reflecting on this study of David and how I'm glad I read this book. It has highlighted for me the importance of a life spent in intimate relationship with the Lord. To have a focus on praise, prayer, waiting on the Lord and seeking him in making decisions and trusting him. It takes a lot of energy and commitment. This was good. I found another Beth Moore study called Jesus, the one and only. I put it on hold at the library so I'm looking forward to starting that soon.

We spent some time at the library and came home in time for Julian's nap. He ended up not sleeping at all. I heard him babbling the whole time and after an hour I heard him calling my name over and over. I went in and he was wide awake wanting to read books so I got him up. Tonight for dinner, I heated up some soup from the soup swap my mom's group had back in January (see Jan. 28 post). Then we headed out to get this week's groceries after I did the menu planning. My little helper was by my side assisting me in putting them all away. Since I had a lot of odds and ends left to do, daddy did Julian's bedtime routine. I started a book called "There is no me without you; one woman's odyssey to rescue Africa's children". So far it seems to be a good book, although heart wrenching. I think I'll use this extra time to catch up on my reading tonight.

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