Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Enjoyed a play date with friends

The morning went by so quickly today. Getting the kids breakfast, cleaning up, getting J dressed then saying goodbye to my niece and nephew, starting my own breakfast and our friends for a play date showed up. My sister Amy and I grew up with sisters Jen and Sam and the four of us had sleep overs all the time. It was really great to hang out again. This was a good opportunity for J to work more on sharing and keeping his hands to himself. He played with our friend Jen's 2-year-old so he got lots of practice. It never fails that they want the toy the other one has. It was raining on and off all day so we didn't get to swim. After lunch, J took a good nap and I got to talk with daddy. He's been able to catch up with a few different people and is enjoying some time off work today through Friday. I'm glad he's getting some down time. Today my sister Laurie was discharged from the hospital with an all clear. No problems found so that's great news. It was my other sister Amy's birthday today.

We celebrated by going out to dinner. J had a little meltdown but I was able to head it off with his spiderman coloring book. He had a couple dinosaurs and after dinner he was playing with them and talking about spaghetti. I had one of the dinosaurs and said "we want spaghetti" and he then bounced the dinosaurs up and down saying "we want spaghetti", and "we want brown muffins" (which is what he calls chocolate muffins). You had to be there, but it was just so cute we were all laughing. Then in the car he was singing "twinkle twinkle" and I joined him. He's just starting to sing songs and it is so neat as I love to sing around the house a lot and now he's starting to join me.

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