Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tot School (Counting 1-10)

(J is 26 months old)
Tot School
This post is actually from the week before last where my focus was on counting activities. It has been really fun working with J on counting and seeing him starting to count things on his own now too. He is doing pretty well with learning 1-10 with a few numbers mixed up or missing here and there. He also likes to find things in two's and is pointing that out to me whenever he sees it ("there's 2 of thems mommy").

Our first activity was working with a set of flash cards I bought on EBay. On one side the card has a number and on the back it has pictures. J would pick a card and I'd show him the number side and say the number. Then I turned the card over and J and I would count the items as we pointed to them. This was an OK activity for him, but we didn't do it for a long time.

These are the counting books that I picked out to read. J and I would read the book together and again he'd point to the items and then we'd count them. He really liked the reading part.

Our last activity was working with stringing beads. J would attempt to put the lace through the hole in the bead, but often would need a little help from me. As I helped push the lace through the hole, he'd grab it and pull the lace through. Once he had several beads threaded onto the lace, we would count them.

For more Tot School ideas, see 1+1=1.


Fiona said...

Looks like a good week! Your son is doing better than mine if he will lace beeds-my son just tried to build with them!!

Tracey Monroe said...

Thanks for stopping by, Fiona! Actually he tries really hard but can't get that lace through the bead yet so I pull it through. He saw others doing this on a couple play dates so I think that's how he got interested.

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