Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just some thoughts.....

Today, L and I were having a good discussion and one of the things we talked about was prayer and being in the word. One of the things he said was so true, that it is so easy to not take the time to pray or be in the word on a regular basis. It is so easy to let it slide. So today ended up being a day where my time with the Lord went by the wayside. We went to Devil's Lake today leaving around 10am and were gone until 5pm. J then went down for a nap and I was having a friend over for fellowship at 6:30pm. Who knows what I did in-between other than eat and check the computer. But no time in the word.

About my prayer life...
While I met with my friend, I was sharing with her that since L went to his summer schedule in June where he leaves before I get up, we no longer have our daily time of prayer together. I was telling her how it is something I really miss out on, having my regular prayer partner. We would use the time to share things we'd like to pray about and what was on our hearts and then prayed together. It helped us stay more connected with one another. This was something my friend prayed about, that we would fit this in. So after she left and J went to sleep, we had some prayer time! It was so good to do this, and I just had to share. I see how I really took for granted what a difference this made in my life. Some days it was hard to pray when my thoughts strayed or I couldn't focus well. Now I see that even in those difficult days, we were doing something special. I'd like to get that back. Another confession is that I also wax and wane in my personal prayer times. Lately, it's gotten a little sparse again. I notice that I pray more when I am connecting on a more personal level with my friends, family. When I'm not getting in-depth connection, I tend to not think of them in prayer. I guess that makes sense to me (I know more what to pray when I'm more connected) yet I find the need comes up to recommit to making the time for it. So.....I need to pray for more prayer!

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tea said...

I know what you mean. For a while now, it's been really hard for me to focus during quiet sit down and stop everything prayer times. I'm having so much trouble getting myself quieted.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tracey. And I agree with you, it is so special to have husband and wife prayer time.

We just got back from our vacation a couple of days ago. Glad to catch up with you again! :)

Tracey Monroe said...

I'm so glad you're back, Tea! I missed connecting with you! I hope the vacation was wonderful. Getting quieted, that is so key. I can say that is a challenge for me too.

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