Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Faith of a Centurion

Last night, I got to bed around midnight and so this morning I felt pretty tired. I asked J if he'd rather stay and play at home or go to PalZone and he was gung-ho for PalZone. We rode with daddy in to work and then I took the car and we headed to PalZone. He had the most fun pushing around a toy grocery cart and putting play food in it. I would talk with him about the food and what he was picking. There was a little phone by the kitchen set so he picks it up and is talking and I hear him say something about spaghetti and cheese. I love to see his imagination going. He flitted around the room playing with all sorts of toys and was doing well with the other kids. He was having so much fun that he didn't want to go next door when it was circle/story time. I took his hand and we went. He doesn't yet say his name when they ask for it, but he picks up his name tag and sticks it on the board. For the craft, he got frustrated as I tried to teach him using scissors so he just colored the project and then said all done. After that, we were able to squeeze in a late morning nap.

For my devotional time, I was reading my Ecclesiastes book. Here Solomon was talking about his pursuit of wisdom, of folly and madness. He finds wisdom to be better than folly but the same fate overtakes the wise one and the foolish one; they can't escape death. He shares that man finds satisfaction in his work and this is from the hand of God. We see that God wants us to have joy. Those who recognize the joy comes from him have a rich experience because our faith pleases God. I started Luke 7 in Jesus the One and Only. Beth shares that she loves watching Jesus operate in relationships. This section is about the Centurion. He is seeking healing for one of his servants. He is a man of great faith. He says of Jesus, just say the word and my servant will be healed. When the Lord sees someone prone to selfishness and pride humble themselves before God's word, he esteems them. The Centurion's faith was amazing to Jesus. He is moved and acts to heal his slave. Seeing that he knows all, it is incredible to see him amazed here. Again, it shows how God is pleased by our faith.

It was another cloudy and coolish day so J and I spent our time indoors after lunch. Again, we spent a lot of time reading. He also wanted to see the Veggie Tales story of Moses over and over. Every time we go up or down the stairs now instead of crawling J is asking for my hand so he can walk up. It warms my heart to see him mature yet at the same time a little wistful as he moves away from his babyhood. I went about the afternoon preparing for when L would get home completely forgetting that I had to pick him up. I was just getting J up from his nap when the phone rang. Yikes! Daddy wondering where I am. He was really understanding although I had no great excuse, just a complete mind blip.

We weren't able to get to the Y in time since the nursery closes. J and I played fire fighter. He put on his helmet and I got him a "hose" (extension cord) so he could put out the fire. I used crunched up newspaper for the flames. Then I stuck Tigger on top of a chair so J could go and rescue the kitty. He had so much fun joining in with whatever I made up. Then we spent some time coloring. One of his pictures with all different colors was so neat that I'm thinking of framing it. L has tomorrow and Friday off so we'll have some extra time together. I better get some good sleep so I'm off to wind down for the night.

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