Monday, May 17, 2010

Trip to the doctor

This morning was J's 2 year well child visit with our pediatrician. It turned out he needed 2 more shots, but then none until age 5! I always hate that part because he's so trusting of you and then you allow this person to just jab him and it's really upsetting. I'm glad it's quick though. J did really well getting weighed on the big boy scale and sitting through the hands-on exam. He can say our pediatrician's name now, which is cute. He's only 25 pounds and in the 5% range for height. He's so little (but I like that). After that, we did our grocery shopping for the week. He's now saying "I can walk" going into stores and places so I'm doing less carrying. When we got home, I wanted to get out our garden hose and J got the idea to play fire fighter with it so I ran and got his fireman hat and we went around "putting out fires".

Today was our big expedition to get the sand for his sandbox. I had no idea how much to get so I got 7 (50 lb.) bags but only needed 5. I don't have any of the sand toys yet and I won't introduce him to it until his birthday. I just realized today that the sandbox is a purple dinosaur. I thought it was a turtle! We also got a little wading pool today that was only $4. The reality of summer being around the corner is becoming more real. J wanted to go to McKee Farms after the store, and they were setting up for a carnival. The last time J was at a carnival he was only 2 months old! It'll be great if we're around for it. During J's nap, I used his stroller to wheel the 50 lb. bags of sand one by one to the back yard and now the sand is ready.

After dinner, we went to the Y. I did a fast walk for 30 minutes without running today. I don't think I'll drop my run again since I didn't feel like I got a very good workout. J colored a spider man picture. His pictures are getting more and more colorful now. After the Y, daddy and I spent some time outside playing with J. He just can't get enough of being outside and always asks to go out. Tonight, he started a new game saying "1-2-3 go" and he'd start running. I don't know where he got this idea but I liked it. Daddy would slowly chase him and he'd run and laugh. I couldn't believe how much energy he had left to burn off before going to bed. We pulled off the tiny band-aids from his shots (tweety bird and snoopy) and he wanted to take them to bed with him. Kids have such goofy ideas sometimes.

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