Sunday, May 9, 2010

A trip to Baraboo

Today started off with reading from the picture/sounds book with J. I think this is moving onto his list of favorites. Since we can't have pancake Saturdays due to swimming lessons, we had pancake Sunday. J got upset when he wanted the "blue cup" (water) and I would only give him the green cup (milk). This set off a crying jag that wouldn't stop until I gave him blankie and nuk.

For Mother's Day, we have a tradition since we both lost our mothers that we make a day trip to visit the cemetery and surrounding area. L lost his mother when he was 19 to ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and my mom died from breast cancer just before I turned 21. We have a bittersweet kinship having both gone through the tragedy of losing our moms around the same time in life. Today we went to Baraboo to visit L's mom's site since Beloit (where my mom's site is) was a bit far to do in one day. In Baraboo, we took a scenic drive including showing J daddy's old neighborhood and stopped at Devil's Lake to get our annual state parks pass. It was the first time to Devil's Lake since J was born so his first time there and L made sure to get a picture. J got some wildlife cards at the park office that he carried around with him. We went down by the water and he enjoyed playing in the sand on the beach. It was not quite 60 but beautiful with sun and wonderful view. On our way home, we stopped to see L's dad in Portage with whom we are in the process of restoring our relationship. He has many talents and woodworking is one of them. J enjoyed playing with a small, wooden tractor and riding on a wooden rocking horse which could be things Grandpa makes for him in the future. J didn't have a nap but he was all wound up in the car making little stories up while he played with a tiny dump truck.

He got a short nap and then we went to church. He graduated from the infant room and moved into the toddler room in what is called Planet Kid at church. It'll be neat to see how he grows now that the focus will be on teaching a verse for the month while doing crafts and singing songs. I think he will like it. Afterward, we stopped at the infant room to say goodbye to everyone. He had a little fan club! There were about 6 or 7 volunteers who just adore him who all came around to say goodbye and wish him well. It was so cute. The message today was about loving and serving in our community. Extending ourselves to others by partnering with God. There's a study day tomorrow for the college students and J and I will be volunteering at the welcome desk in the afternoon. It should be fun! We had a nice dinner at Panchero's with our life group friends and their kids. J and I shared a carnitas quesedilla and he loved it. He also just likes saying the word quesedilla. At one point, he grabbed my hand and said "come here mommy, walk" and took me around the restaurant where he hopped into a couple booths just to sit. Our last stop was at Culver's where moms got a free sundae. Not that I needed it, but it was yummy. A nice Mother's Day.

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