Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Had a little picnic

I have a giant box that I set up in the living room to see if J would play with it. He wasn't playing with it until I showed him mommy could fit in it. Then he crawled in with me. We played house and put a bunch of his little toys in there and then J crawled in to hang out and play with them.

I continued in Luke 8 today. Jesus and his disciples sailed across the lake from Galilee. There he heals a man who was demon possessed. The people were overcome with fear as they found the man peacefully sitting at Jesus' feet in his right mind. Jesus restored his mind and his dignity. Beth reflects that this was such a loss for those people. Instead of welcoming Jesus who just healed this man, learning from him or possibly being healed themselves, they asked him to leave thus missing out on what he may have had for them.

It took J a while waking up from his morning nap. I had time to put the clean sheets on the bed and put away the towels then he was finally waking up. My friend from Titus and her 2 daughters met J and I at the park after lunch. We hadn't been to our neighborhood park in a couple weeks since the weather hadn't been that good. Today was a gorgeous, sunny day. Joan and I seem to have good conversations when we get together. I shared about my difficult time of life after J was born and she shared some of her struggles too. It was fun watching the kids get to know one another better. We brought J's new tiny firetruck and he played with it for a while and then Olivia did too. They had a bit of a tug of war over it but then Olivia gave it back. J found a boy who brought a dump truck and a digger and the boy shared them. I think he was tired when we were leaving since there was no complaining like he'd usually do.

This morning J had more fun in his play house box. This time he'd rough house by rocking it back and forth and almost falling over but enjoying it. Then he played crash with his cars inside. We went to PalZone for some play time. I talked to a couple moms who were there for the first time. One had a boy that was a handful. I'm really glad for this group. It has been a great place for J to get the opportunity to play with a lot of different kids and work on sharing, story time and crafts. It was just beautiful outside when we were leaving. It was like a perfect day weather-wise.

In my devotional time, I continued in Luke 8. Jesus returned and a man named Jairus fell at his feet pleading with him to come to his home and tend to his sick daughter. As they left, the crowds were crushing yet Jesus was able to feel someone touch him. His "power" had gone out from him. He asked who touched him. Finally, a woman with bleeding issues for 12 years confessed why she touched him and how she'd been instantly healed. Jesus said, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace." It was then that Jesus found Jairus' daughter had died but he commanded her to get up and she lived. I love what Beth says here, that God can't resist those who humbly and honestly admit how desperately they need him. This story of the woman with bleeding always moves me. She so completely believed and trusted in the Lord that in her mind if she could only touch him she felt she'd be healed. And she was.

J and I had a little picnic outside to enjoy the beautiful day. I think it was over 75 today. It was great hanging out on the patio eating together. J asked to play in the sandbox so we opened it up. He only has a bucket and shovel and a small bowl but it was enough to keep him happy playing in the sand. We also spent some time playing with his bucket of balls. Since he had a long morning nap and wasn't tired in the afternoon not wanting to nap, I let him stay up. We watched a bit of Veggie Tales "Lord of the Beans", a spoof of one of my favorite movies Lord of the Rings.

After dinner, we had a good workout at the Y. Lately, instead of trying to read while I work out I've been using the time to pray for J. I just open my heart and pray for all the things that come to mind. It's been such a good time of prayer as there are so many things to pray about and it's also uninterrupted time. While we were putting him to bed, he dragged all his blankets out of his crib and was putting them on the floor and laying on them. Daddy read his book and then I tucked him in.


tea said...

Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite movies too! And I usually get a good laugh from Lord of the Beans.

I love your idea of using your workout time to pray for your son. That is wonderful!

Thanks for sharing your daily moments and your studies here. I always benefit from reading your posts. :)

Tracey Monroe said...

I'm so glad to hear that.

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