Friday, May 7, 2010

Raining all day

During breakfast, I was reading A Place of Quiet Rest. It has been good to think about the time that I spend with the Lord more in depth and also gain ideas to enhance that time. She is encouraging as she shares to face the work of every day with the influence of some quiet, thoughtful moments spent with God.

J and I went to the last Titus meeting of the semester. It was a wonderful brunch with a garden party theme. The decorations were so lovely with live plants and flowers, trellises and candles throughout the room. We were able to share what we'd like to see next fall. I mentioned a guest speaker talking about home schooling would be really good. Also, more focus on being able to pray for one another as this has been on my heart. We were invited to lunch but had to take a rain check so I could make my bible study in time. We started the book of Ecclesiastes. Some felt that this book is depressing, yet others said it encouraged them by remembering how empty the world really is and that fulfillment is found in a relationship with Christ that will last forever.

I was reading the end of Luke 4 in my devotional time today. Here Jesus reached out to people in their homes. He healed Simon's mother and the interesting part is that immediately she got up and started serving them. Her focus wasn't on herself, it was on giving back. The next morning, Jesus rose early to be by himself with God. He did this a lot. I had to ask myself if I'm willing to do that. Get up early to spend some time alone with God. I'll have to pray for strength in that. One area that's been an answer to prayer is having more patience with J. I'm finding it especially in the times he's the most challenging when he's tired and cranky or having a bit of a tantrum, God is helping me stay calm. Thank you Lord!

We had nothing on the agenda for the evening, so daddy, J and I enjoyed some fresh air while taking a walk around the neighborhood. It was a little brisk as it cooled down from the day. It was bath night, so J enjoyed playing in the tub for a while before going to bed. He still doesn't like getting his head wet when I wash him.

Today was drippy and wet with light steady rain all day. We hung out indoors reading books and playing with J's new Disney car track set he got from our babysitter.

Today I finished up Luke 4 in my devotional time. Jesus says in verse 43, I must preach the good news because that is why I was sent. And he kept on preaching in the synagogues. Beth highlights here the main focus of Jesus' ministry, to preach the good news. Healing people was helpful for this life, but only the gospel would impact people for eternity. Regardless of how many people were pulling him in different directions, he kept with his main priority.

J woke up early from his morning nap. We hung out on mommy's bed and cuddled for a bit before going down for lunch. He was busy playing this afternoon when all of a sudden he was crying like he got hurt. I came over and checked him over and he looked fine so I just rocked him and held him until he calmed down. A bit later, I was changing his diaper when I noticed his eye had a big bruised spot that was swelling. From asking him, I think somehow he hit himself with one of the cars right below his eye. I can't picture what he did though. I held an ice pack on it to stop the swelling, although he didn't enjoy it. Now it's turning into a little shiner. :(

We had "scubbidy" (spaghetti) tonight which ends up being really messy for J. At L's urging, I went online and bought a couple pocket bibs that have a scoop to catch spills. Hopefully less clean up! After dinner, J had a lot of fun with some new toys he got from L's coworker. The toys had buttons with sounds which he can't seem to get enough of. Daddy's putting J to bed tonight. I hear a lot of noise and some singing. Sounds like they're having fun.


tea said...

I've been praying for more patience with my little guy too and I feel like God has been so gracious in teaching me. It encouraged me to hear you talk about this too.

I hope your little guys eye heals up fast. :( Poor little guy. Don't you hate it when they get hurt?

Hope you have a nice weekend! :)

Tracey Monroe said...

How neat that the Lord's doing this work of patience in you too. Gracious is the perfect word.

I didn't say this in my post, but his little eye injury bothered me so much I was crying! I feel like I need to be strong for him though.

Thanks and I do hope you enjoy your weekend too!

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