Friday, October 1, 2010

A Slow Return from the Break

So it seems like I've taken quite a long blogging break or maybe it just seems long to me since I've really written. I'm not quite sure where to start. We've been up to all kinds of stuff having taken a wonderful little mini vacation up in the North Woods of Wisconsin and then getting back into our routine the rest of the week. I have several ideas for things I could share....but...

Lately when I get online, I've been spending more time visiting my favorite blogs instead of writing on my own. I've found it strange now that I'm out of the habit of writing every day that I have less of a focus for what to write. Now that I'm not doing a journal, I'm looking for themes I'm seeing in my life to post about, as well as posting about the things happening with my little one.

So I'm still working on the things I'm going to write, but these are some of my areas of focus:
Capturing some of the fun things going on with J lately, like on our vacation up north, times at play groups, things we've been doing at home.

Our church is going through 1Corinthians and one of the things we're doing as a congregation is memorizing 1Cor 13 (verses 4-8 or entire chapter). I have been spending some time in this chapter and seeing some incredible things the Lord is bringing to light.

My continuing study in Uncommon Vessels; developing godly eating habits and what's been happening in this area of my life.

Those seem like the main things that stand out to me right now. I look forward to having some time soon to just sit and write and expand on these things going on in my life.

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tea said...

It will be good to catch up with you and hear about the things you mentioned. I'm glad you had a nice vacation!! :)

Tracey M. said...

Thanks, Tea!

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