Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

**J is 28 months old**

One night J wouldn't go to sleep and was still pretty wide awake. After reading some books, I somehow had the idea to give him his first Spanish lesson.
I said:
If you want to say "hello" in Spanish, say Hola!
If you want to say "goodbye" in Spanish, say Adios!
If you want to count in Spanish, instead of 1-2-3 it's uno-dos-tres.
So after each one, J would repeat the Spanish word, thoroughly enjoying this. Then he'd say, another one? So I went through the whole lesson once more and J says "It's Handy Manny talk!" This blew me away. We had read a Handy Manny book and they use a Spanish word here and there so I remember briefly explaining that and then we also watched the video where they use a little Spanish too. Yet to me it was so amazing that he put those two together like that! I'll have to keep this up.

One night before bed, J was playing in the living room. It seemed he was starting to wind down a bit and the next thing I know he says to me "I'm going upstairs mommy. I'm going nite nite." He starts walking towards the stairs carrying his sippy cup, his goldfish snack cup, and a long lost favorite book about the Moose's Thanksgiving. Wow, he was all set! I said, "Going to bed, J?" and J says, "Go upstairs mommy? Go upstairs?" So we headed upstairs to start our bedtime routine. This was just so cute and he's never done that before.

I pulled out our fall books and one is called Five Little Pumpkins. J was "reading" this to himself. It's a board book with only a few pages and I heard J saying, " One pumpkin smiles. Two pumpkins smile. One cries, one is happy. The end!" I love it.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

"Handy Manny talk" Cute Cute!

I love when they announce their bedtime :)

tea said...

Aww, such cute things to record. It never ceases to amaze me, the amazing minds of little ones. They are learning so much all the time and remembering so much... It's amazing!

Elizabeth Bennett said...

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Julia said...

haha... how cute!

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