Friday, July 30, 2010

A Fine Friday

This morning we headed out to the library for story time. I saw a mom there that looked familiar and all of a sudden it dawned on me she was someone I met at the park a while back and then we saw her jewelry booth at the Dane County Fair. I've seen her for the last 4 weeks of story time and she was also in an earlier story time with us. It's so funny how I never made the connection. We said hi to each other and laughed about that. J wasn't as attentive to the stories today. He kept wanting me to read his new library books we had picked out. He did participate in the songs though, standing up and doing some of the finger play. He even sang a bit of the Hello, how are you song. We went to the Y afterward so that I could get in another workout while J had some play time. He stopped to watch the kids ballet class beforehand. He was saying he wants to do ballet. There was actually one boy with the rest of the class being girls. Finally, our last stop was at church so we could drop off the school supplies we were donating since we won't be there on Sunday. I tried to teach J that we were doing this to serve the poor in our community, how God has given us so much and we give to others who don't have so much.

Once we got home, we ate lunch. J ate like a bird not eating much of his casserole. I had a very weird lunch. Nothing sounded good but a smoothie - a Chocolate Elvis. This time I added chocolate pudding instead of chocolate syrup. Yum! J kept coming over to get a swig or two. The picture above is me trying to get him with his chocolate mustache. He didn't want me to take the picture as you can see. The rest of the afternoon was low-key just playing inside for a couple hours before his nap. After L came home from work, our friends from India who are here in the states stopped by. Each year they spend part of the time in the US and part in India. He is a pastor who started an organization called the Sram Ashram, equipping local pastors in India where a seminary education is near impossible to get (lack of options and exorbitant cost). He has hundreds of study centers throughout the country. We were blessed to be able to visit on a mission trip/friendship trip in 2001. We had a very nice visit tonight and they finally got to meet J. They took some great photos and we prayed together before they left.

After that, we went to Culver's for dinner. This time J did great, eating almost all of his meal so he caught up from lunch. We stopped at the library again on the way home. J is really taken with this story called Stellaluna. He likes to "watch" it on the computer where they read the book with pictures. He listened to that and did legos and was so good while I picked up a few more books. He played chase when it was time to go hoping he could stay longer but they were closing. Then it was time for a bath, bedtime stories and prayers before bed. I was telling J that we're going on vacation to Chicago tomorrow and that we're seeing all our relatives. He just nodded his head, he was pretty tired. We'll be gone all next week, but I may get online and do some picture postings if we have time.


tea said...

I hope you have a great time on your vacation!! It's so funny that he didn't want you to take that picture - Haha! Kids have such minds of their own. :)

Tracey Monroe said...

Thank you!!! It's off to a good start.

Rhonda said...

Is this a new thing using the initials J & L? It's been a while since I visited your blog. The Chocolate Elvis sounds yummy! J sure looks cute trying to turn down the pictures! What a character! It's good you're teaching J to share resources by donating to the church. A coworker put a flyer in the break room about an organization called "Any Soldier" where you can donate toiletries for soldiers overseas. I bought some stuff from the dollar store to donate. I hope you had a good time with your Indian friends. I didn't know they were in town.

Tracey Monroe said...

Yes, a few months ago I shortened names to initials. So glad you visited the blog! J is a little character. We're at my sister Amy's for the week & he's learning how much he can make his cousins laugh if he's goofy. So cute. Hope your job and summer are going really well!

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