Friday, July 2, 2010

A pool party and family time at the Y

The last couple mornings I've been waking up and going in to J's room and opening the windows wide. Each morning has had a beautiful blue, cloudless sky. I just sat in front of the open window and let the breeze blow over me enjoying the crispness and freshness of the morning air. We had story time at the library this morning. The topic was rain. Again, it is great to see J participating in the songs. Our craft was making an umbrella. It was nice to see a mom from our Titus group there.

I worked out at the Y while J playing in the nursery. Mid-way through I had to change his diaper. As I was picking him up he said, "I want to go home." I explained I would soon be done with my work out. He said "I want to go home with mommy." Then he said, "Mommy's workin'." I said, "Yes, I'm working out on the machine." At home I got J his lunch and then right away put him down for his nap. Our Titus mentor mom (this is an older mom who has already raised her kids) invited us to come over and swim at her house so I wanted J to get a decent nap.

We had a great time at the pool party hosted by our Titus mentor mom. We were the first ones there and we were running about 20 minutes late. We ended up having about 5 of the moms from our group there with their little ones. J couldn't wait to get in the water. He kept saying "I'm swimming" to anyone near. He floated on a raft with a couple other kids. We did some jumping off the side of the pool on the count of three and J would say "here comes me!" before he'd jump. I noticed he is now doing the things that he learned about in swimming lessons. Most he didn't want to do at the time when they were scripted, but now he's enjoying doing them on his own. Like putting his face in the water to try and blow bubbles. He doesn't get blowing out yet, he just takes in water. I had so much fun too, it was so relaxing.

We got home and had dinner and then went to the Y. Daddy got a workout while J and I went to the gym where they had the inflatable bouncers up for the kids. There were 3 other kids in there for about 15 minutes and then J and I had it to ourselves. Most people were going to the fireworks show but we're going somewhere tomorrow to see them. He started in the little one and then the guy told me he could go in the big one if I went with him.

We had so much fun playing together and I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. J was trying to chase me but it was so bouncy he kept falling down and we were both laughing so hard. It was great. We stopped by our friend's house (from our life group) afterward just to say a quick hello and they were very welcoming. J played with legos and cars while we were able to catch up a bit. J was so happy saying "I have a spider man shirt" which is his favorite shirt I picked up at a garage sale. It was late when we got home and way past J's bedtime. You wouldn't guess it by his energy though. It was a fun night.

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