Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A long night but blessed by it

I feel so bad for my baby! He woke up around 12:15am crying out for me. I was wrapping up on the computer so I was still awake. I ran up there and he was throwing up in his crib. I got him into the bathroom and took care of him from there. He was saying "blankie dirty" so I got all the bedding and blankie for washing and made up the bed. Then J asked to go downstairs. He seemed wide awake and doing better so we went downstairs and he wanted to watch Elmo. Once I put Elmo in he laid on the floor. I quick threw the laundry in and as I came back he got sick again. After he was cleaned up, we just sat in a chair and I sang to him. Then we went upstairs and I put him back to bed. It was less than 15 minutes and I was back after hearing him cry and he was sick again. We just sat and rocked in the rocking chair and I read him a book and just held him until he seemed almost asleep. After this time when I put him to bed he woke up once more around 4am. It felt like a blessing to be able to be there for him while he was feeling icky. As I was sitting rocking him, I was thinking about what a good sleeper J is and what a blessing that he's so consistent in sleeping through the night. I thought about how that's not so for others and it made me so thankful. It was so hard for me to see him getting sick but at the same time I was really blessed that he found comfort in me and snuggled so close to me as I held him and cared for him. The Lord answered prayer as J was fine once he woke up. I'm thinking it was something he ate that didn't agree with him. He must've been wiped since he didn't wake up until a little after 9:30am. He had all kinds of energy though, and I had him take it easy just eating dry cheerios for breakfast.

Since he got up so late I didn't give him an early nap. We watched a couple videos, read books, and he played and played. I was able to get the rest of my thank you cards done from J's birthday. I have him scribble on them and so he came over and asked me if he could color the cards. Then while I was writing, he came over with his foam letters and numbers. At first I didn't notice what he was doing but then I saw he was lining them up sorted by color. It was pretty neat he did this by himself.

It was cloudy and rainy so we stayed inside. We had made plans to go to the Concerts on the Square but then it was canceled because of the rain. J was funny at dinner. He again wanted his "big guy fork" and I told him I was using a little guy fork. He starts saying "J is using a big guy fork. Mommy is using a little guy fork. Daddy is using a big guy fork." He had fun saying that again and again. We then went to the Y for a workout and came home and did some bubbles outside. Another low-key day.

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