Monday, July 12, 2010

Went to Eugster's farm today

Today, Eileen and I met up at Eugster's Farm
for an outing with the boys. This is a farm market and petting zoo. I realized I didn't have J's stroller so we used a wagon which J was pretty excited about. Jackson wanted to be in it too so the two sat together. I was amazed at how friendly these animals were. I've been at petting zoos before but never saw animals that stood so still just wanting to be pet. This llama we saw was super friendly and loved to be scratched under its neck.

We pet horses, cows, goats, pigs, held kittens and what the boys loved was playing in the sandbox with the giant diggers and dump trucks and then playing on the big wooden swingset. We had a nice little picnic lunch with some good time to talk and catch up and then went back to see some of the animals again. This time they "milked" a (fake) cow and got up close to a calf then we took them into the pen to see the chickens. They also got to bottle feed some baby goats as one of the mom's generously gave them the rest of her daughter's bottle to feed them. We ended up being at the farm for about 4 hours. I don't know who had more fun, me or J! By the time we were leaving, J was pretty cranky. At the car he said, "Mommy, I want to go night night." He was out within 5 minutes and then continued the nap at home.

I cut things a little too close tonight with getting J up just a little bit before dinner. It cemented the fact that he needs about a half hour to wake up beforehand. This time he was getting mad that his corn kept falling off the spoon and wouldn't stop crying. He didn't want a fork either. He sat on the couch until he felt better and then he ate almost the rest of his food. We went to the Y and J sounded excited saying "J go swimming at the Y". He got upset when I told him we didn't have our suits and weren't going swimming. Lately, I've been reading some books related to the Civil War that happened in Sierra Leone and the one in Sudan. I've been reading during my workouts and they go so fast now. What is especially interesting is these are written by children who went through harrowing experiences and survived to tell their story.
I've read:
-A Long Way Gone
-The Bite of the Mango
I'm now reading:
-Another Man's War
-They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky

After my workout, we went to the gym to watch daddy play basketball. J wanted his teddy grahams so I got them out and there was a little girl looking longingly at them so I asked J to share a couple. In a little bit, she had told about 4 of her friends and they all swarmed around him to get some. I decided it was best to put them away after that before it got out of hand. It was pretty much right to bed when we got home since it was a long day, with daddy reading his bedtime story.

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