Friday, July 16, 2010

Tot School

- J is 25 months old -
Tot School

I had a birthday gift card for J and ordered a giant fire truck puzzle by Melissa and Doug. We opened it up today to do Tot School.

J started out pretty excited and at first was just picking up the different pieces. I worked with him to get a few pieces going. This was the first time we did a jigsaw puzzle so he needed a lot of help and coaching. I'd talk my way through it with him showing how two pieces fit then bringing in another piece and asking, "Do you think this one will fit?" He could often tell me yes if it was a match and no if it wasn't by looking. He had trouble locking the pieces together; often his piece would start sliding underneath so I'd help hold it. After several pieces were together he got frustrated with my questions and started pulling pieces apart so we decided to put it away.

Later in the afternoon, he wanted to try again and this time we ended up putting the whole thing together. He stuck with it. I took pictures when we were finished and had walked away when I noticed he had put on his fire hat and was playing fireman with the puzzle.


Morgan said...

If he likes fire trucks, you should check out a video on youtube. Search fire truck song. It is the cutest song with the book that accompanies.

Our Family said...

Good for his to try it again- puzzles are so tricky!

Patricia said...

What a big puzzle! I am impressed that he worked on it and really tried to figure it out.My toddler would be discourage only for the enormous of the puzzle.

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