Saturday, November 13, 2010

What My Child is Reading & Other Blog Hops

I found a great blog hop that highlights the current books we are reading with our kids. J and I don't usually focus on a theme. We go to the library often and I just pick books that he would be interested in that also have a good message or lesson.

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God Sees Me All the Time
I found this book for J at the local thrift store. I had no idea that J would like it so much. We had it sitting around for a few weeks, but once he asked me to read it to him he wanted it again and again. The story is about a little girl tempted by chocolate chip cookies and learning that God can see her all the time. There's a neat part of the story when she gets scared and the teaching from her dad that God is always watching over us comforts her. Towards the end she's learning about little things we can do to serve the Lord that pleases Him. I really like that there are several lessons about God in the book.

The Nose Book
This book is just adorable. It's a Dr. Suess book and has an elephant on the cover, an instant draw for my son. He loves Dr. Suess and elephants are his favorite right now. It was fun watching his reactions to the story line, especially a part that has you imagine life without a nose. I like reading that part while holding my nose and J can't stop laughing and tries to imitate me. We also enjoyed naming all the animals in the book, with a couple that were hard even for me to identify! This is from the library, but I think we'll have to add this to our permanent collection.

One Drowsy Dragon
I was drawn to this book at first because of the dragon. J likes anything dragon or dinosaur related, but what was really cool is that this is actually a counting book. There are dragons marching, dragons dancing, dragons laughing and playing and more. It was a fun read.

Please say Please! Penguin's Guide to Manners
I'm always looking for good books on manners as we are regularly encouraging J's use of please, thank you, excuse me, etc. This book has lots of different animals in it and that made it extra fun. The illustrations are so cute. It has a little different spin in that it starts by saying the wrong way to do something, asking if this is right (NO) and then giving the right way to do it. Good lessons on manners.

A Polar Bear Can Swim, What Animals Can and Can't Do
A Polar Bear Can Swim has lots of neat tidbits of information and amazing facts about specific things certain animals can do. It also shares things they can't do. It's great for identifying animals and having J make the appropriate animal noise in addition to learn neat things about them.

Sounds Around Town
This one was fun! I thought this would be a good one when I skimmed it at the library. I love interacting with J while I read and this one had all kinds of different sounds in the pictures that I acted out for him. They also have two pages of kids drawings of various sounds in the front of the book and each time we read it, he makes sure I go through each picture making its sound.

Too Big, Too Small, Just Right
This book is a good one that I wanted to use to teach J more about size comparison. It uses two colorful bunnies and in a variety of situations they are in learning about too big, too tall, too dark, too bright and others. It also highlights their friendship.

Some more book reading fun!
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Julie P. said...

Sounds like you got some great books at the library this week. I remember that Nose book! Thanks for sharing!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Thanks for joining WMCIR! The polar bear book sounds intriguing - I have to see if our library has it.

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