Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

**J is 29 months old**

Tiny Talk Tuesday is a way to share the fun and interesting things our kids are saying. I love joining up for this blog carnival at Not Before 7. Click her button above to see what kind of Tiny Talk has been overhead in the homes of others!

Something really cute is that J started making his own grocery list after watching me do mine. At first when he came over, he wanted to color on my list. Then I just gave him his own sheet and before I know it he's making his grocery list. He's scribbling away saying, "Raisins, bread, pizza, apple juice, beads, peanut butter and jelly." Then he told me he was all done with his list.

Lately, J has been not wanting to take his nap. He's fine right until I go to put him down and then he starts kicking and crying. One day I found out in his words why.
Me: What's going on J? Why are you so upset?
J: I'll miss you mommy. I'll miss you downstairs.
Me: I'll miss you upstairs.
J: You going to your bed mommy?
Me: Yes, mommy's going to her bed.
After our little talk, he seemed to calm down enough that I felt OK leaving.

One night when we were getting ready to go out and our babysitter was here, J comes over and says "Are you going bye bye momma?" I told him yes. He said, "I'm gonna miss you momma!" He didn't start crying either, he was just telling me he'd miss me. Oh, so sweet!

J was eating a few Doritos with his lunch and said, "Wipe my hands and my mouth?" So I'm wiping them off and he said, "My hand is spicy. It's spicy from the chips; the Doritos." It's funny, because I just thought it was cute that he's asking me to wash his orange hands (instead of trying to avoid it) but then he says something funny on top of it.

Then these two just surprised me:
J was playing with a leap frog toy with songs and the tune of Yankee Doodle was playing. He says, "That's the Barney song, mommy!" I just smiled because I wasn't sure at all what song Barney videos have. So later that day, he asked to watch Barney and sure enough, the theme song is to the tune of Yankee Doodle!!

We were putting J to bed one night. After daddy reading a book, then me reading J a book, he wanted to read something from his Lullabye Bible. We have a few bibles, and we read something from this one maybe a couple times a week. Definitely not every night. So I was flipping through the stories and found one that I started to read but then J interrupts and said, "No mommy, I want Noah's Raindrops." So I did remember there's a song/story about Noah's ark in the front of the book, and when I flipped to it, yup; the title was Noah's Raindrops. His memory is better than mine!!!


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Man, that kid has quite a memory!!! Good stuff.

Happy TTT...late...but happy anyway :)

Tracey M. said...

Thanks, Mary! Now he's even helping me with kids names I can't remember!!

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