Saturday, November 6, 2010

What My Child is Reading & Other Blog Hops

I found a great blog hop that highlights the current books we are reading with our kids. J and I don't usually focus on a theme. We go to the library often and I just pick books that he would be interested in that also have a good message or lesson.

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Early Bird on Sesame Street
We love Sesame Street with all their great classic characters, and new ones too. Each month, we've been able to find new Sesame Street books we haven't read yet. This one is about Big Bird waking up early and exploring the neighborhood to find someone awake to play with. He learns a lot about how busy some people are in the neighborhood early in the morning.

Halloween in Anopha
A lot of the Thomas the Train books have more words than we're used to right now so I try to find the ones that aren't as long. In a lot of the books, (as a mom friend puts it) the trains are like grumpy old men. So we try to find stories that have some other things in them like things to name or identify (like animals or equipment) or the trains are focused on a goal like doing a good job. We got this one before Halloween, yet J is still wanting to read it even though I explained Halloween is over. The Halloween theme is okay, but I didn't like the story line about the black cat bringing bad luck to Thomas. I skipped those parts.

Handy Manny Firehouse Tools
This is a fun lift-the-flap book where Manny and his tools have been asked to help fix the firehouse alarm bell. There are many things happening in the story like getting a look inside a fire house, things happening in the neighborhood even safety measures during a fire. Again, this is a theme J doesn't get tired of.

Handy Manny Cookie Rescue
My son likes this one even more than the firehouse tools. He has me read it a few times during the day and then my husband a couple times at night. He can't seem to get enough of it. It's a sweet story about Manny and the tools helping a lady get a new oven into her house so she can bake her famous cookies for a bake off.

This is a sweet little story about a little old lady and her pet "puppy" (elephant). It has a little humor too. J loved it the minute I found it at the library. He really likes "reading" it on his own too.

The Pumpkin Patch Parable
I love finding books from our library that have a message about Christ. Instead of celebrating Halloween, this book shares an alternative message for autumn about the harvest season. On each page of the book, she shares a different verse to go along with the story about the farmer and the food that he is growing. It is also very colorful with great illustrations. This is a book that J has liked to tote around with him when we leave the house.

Richard Scarry's Busiest Fire Fighters Ever
J loves anything with fire trucks. This one has lots of them. It is a Golden Book just filled with firetrucks, fire fighters and even a dump truck and a steam roller. The Richard Scarry's stories are so fun with all the different animal characters and how they fit together in the neighborhood.

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Brimful Curiosities said...

Your son is nearly the same age as mine. He loves Thomas and Richard Scarry stories, too, but doesn't really like Handy Manny for whatever reason. My mom still has a whole set of Sesame Street stories from my childhood. Both my kids love reading them with her.

Debbie said...

We love Richard Scarry books. Funny how he was my favorite author as a child, I have enjoyed sharing his books with my children now my granddaughter.

Julie P. said...

Thanks for sharing! Richard Scarry books are so wonderful. My kids (and I) never got tired of the pictures.

Anne@LittleSproutBooks said...

Thanks for linking up at Feed Me Books Friday - and for displaying the button! Glad to have you as a follower! I love your lunch ideas in the comments too. My 4 yr old didn't take to sesame street at first, but now loves it. I should look for some of the book series! Thanks!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Thanks for joining WMCIR! Interestingly, my daughter has never seen Handy Manny episodes but apparently sucked up the stories out of thin air and loves everything that has to do with Manny and his tools :) She is also a big fan of Richard Scarry, and so am I.

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