Friday, December 17, 2010

Daddy Time Friday (New Blog Hop)

There is a fun, new blog hop I'm joining created by a fellow blogger and Tot School mom, Patricia. Come join in the fun over at My Tot Learning Time where we get to thank our hubbies and share a little of what daddy is doing with our kids each week.

Daddy's Time Friday

Daddy came out to play with us in the snow and took pictures! He loves photography and J is one of his favorite subjects.

Daddy had the honor of putting the "nail ornament" on the tree at our friend's house. They invited our family over to help decorate their tree (how sweet) and had a special nail ornament to remember Jesus. Daddy got to put that special ornament on.

One night after work, daddy had a bit of a hard time staying awake while playing "fire fighter" with J. He played along even though he was so tired.

J's bedtime wouldn't be the same without daddy having some special reading time with him. J won't settle into bed until daddy comes up to read to him. If daddy is busy down stairs, J will call him from the top of the stairs "Daddy come!" until he finally comes up to read.

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Patricia said...

I love your post! Thanks for linking and for your sweet introduction. I love daddy's reading. It's so important for daddy to find a daily activity with our kids to get involved. Your husband has got the clue with reading time.

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