Saturday, December 4, 2010

What My Child is Reading

I found a great blog hop that highlights the current books we are reading with our kids. J and I don't usually focus on a theme. We go to the library often and I just pick books that he would be interested in that also have a good message or lesson.

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Disappearing Desmond, Anna Alter
This book is really precious. Desmond has a knack for hiding and blending into the surroundings and not being noticed by others .... until he meets a little bunny named Gloria who spots him right away wherever he is. He finds himself coming out of hiding to play with Gloria and they do all sorts of neat things together. Then Desmond finds another little one who also likes to hide and starts bringing him out. It is a sweet book with a message about friendship. I saw this book on one of the blogs I visited during the book blog hops, but for the life of me I can't find out where it came from :( I wanted to give some credit for our inspiration to pick it up.

The Little Drummer Boy (musical book), David Mead
The story of the Little Drummer Boy has always been special to me. I am touched by the simplicity of his gift to the baby Jesus, using his own gift of playing the drums. So when I saw this book in a post on a blog I follow (The Iowa Farmer's Wife) I knew I wanted to get it for J. I did not read the story beforehand to know that this is an all-new version with a new song too. At first, I was disappointed but then after about the 10th time the song was played and my son was loving it, the song has really grown on me. The story is pretty similar in that the boy gets to use his gift of drumming to calm the baby Jesus. This is a nice Christmas book.

O Little Town of Bethlehem; A Pageant of Lights (musical book), David Mead
This is another Christmas favorite that I found when buying the Little Drummer musical board book. (I got both of them for around $4 a piece including shipping.) We have been reading this almost every night now and J loves the music and how the book lights up. On the last page after the story part, they have the entire song and I always sing it to him. Daddy was reading it to him one night and was just reading the words on that last page and J insisted that he sing it!

The Pine Tree Parable, Liz Curtis Higgs
This book is from the same author who wrote The Pumpkin Parable from an earlier post I did. I love how these books have a bible verse to go with each page of the book. I feel like as we read, these tiny seeds of God's word are being planted in his heart. It reminds me of Isaiah5 5:11: So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. This is a touching story about giving to others and being a blessing to those who are in need. It centers around a family that owns a farm and they sell Christmas trees. The focus is on one special pine tree that the mother wants their family to enjoy year after year so they put a "Not For Sale" sign on it. Until the year when the tree is fully grown and just splendid and a very poor family comes that really can only afford a tiny little broken tree yet their sweet little girl falls in love with the giant pine tree. The farmer's wife ends up deciding to give this family the tree and blesses them without having to purchase it. A wonderful lesson on giving to others.

The Scarecrow and the Spider, Todd Aaron Smith
I have had this book on hold at the library since way before Thanksgiving and it finally came. Even though we're moving into winter, this book has such a wonderful lesson that I am holding onto it for a bit. This is the story about a sweet scarecrow that is a little bit odd looking so he finds it hard to make friends. He ends up wandering and meeting this sweet little spider and they form a friendship. The author uses this friendship to illustrate how God is our ultimate friend and when some little boys threaten to pull apart the scarecrow, again we learn how God is watching over us and the little spider is used to scare the kids away.

Time for Bed Elephant Small, Sally Grindley
This is the perfect little bedtime book for my little guy. It used to be that all I had to do was say, "It's time for night night" and J would get his blankie and nuk and we'd head upstairs together to start our bedtime routine. Nowadays, he doesn't want to go to sleep and says, "I'm not going night night." The blessing is he doesn't throw a tantrum or anything, he just states that like a fact. Eventually, I'm able to get him to pick out the special books he wants to read for bed and that helps get him moving. So this book is perfect in that this little elephant doesn't want to go to bed. During the process of his mom finding his blankie, reading him a story and tucking him in, he falls fast asleep.

The Tiny Seed
I read the summary of this book and knew this would be a good learning tool. J has been afraid of the wind lately (yes, the wind). One time when I asked him why he was afraid, he said he didn't want to blow away. And he was serious! This book has been great for working on the idea that God made the wind for a reason and there is a useful purpose for everything. So I used this book to highlight the good things about the wind. Like how the blowing and blowing of the wind sets free little seeds so they can blow away and land in a place where they can go on to become new flowers, new plants and new trees. He liked this book and I enjoyed its illustrations. He seemed responsive to what I'm trying to teach in it too.

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All of these books sound great -- and they're all new to me. Thanks for sharing.

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Great reviews - some of these books look really interesting. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

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